Sunday, November 9, 2008

The President Elect

Now that the anointed one has been elected I hope he can give us all a date when there will be peace on earth.I have my calendar ready and a big marker so all I need is a date.Hopefully it wont be long after all the donations he has received until the church of Barack Obama God of United States opens.Of course the whole thing will be universally known as BOGUS for short.The people will come to pray for deliverance from any dissenting voices and reason.Then we will all live happily ever after.............

While I am razor sharp with my witty sarcasm I do wish Barack Obama all the best in his presidency but I do hope the world is allowed criticise and anaylse his presidency like all before him.I do hope he does help the world with his fresh outlook but I worry about his experience and his being up to the job.It is a great thing for the world though to show that anyone in America can make it to the top and I do hope he does well.


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