Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pride and Glory Movie Review 2

Pride and Glory is a movie starring Colin Farrell and Edward Norton and is about an Irish American family who are all linked by the NYPD.Ray Tierney played by Edward Norton investigates a recent killing of a bunch of NYPD officers and finds that there is more to the killings than meets the eye.Colin Farrell plays Jimmy Egan who is Rays brother in Law and is not as squeaky clean as he appears to be and Ray finds out that somehow he may be mixed up in the killings and maybe worse! The case threatens the public persona of the NYPD and Francis Tierney Snr played by John Voight will do anything to protect it and his family image.He is the patriarch of the Tierney family and has Ray and Francis Jnr (Played by Noah Emmerich) all in the NYPD.Colin Farrell's character is married to his daughter so they are all connected.

The movie starts with the killing of the bunch of officers so dont worry I am not spoiling anything! The camera is very shaky from the start which I found very off putting but I think was meant to show gritty realism of the NYPD reacting to a crisis and once that settled down things did go nicely.

From the billing and posters Ed Norton and Colin Farrell are equal in status in the movie but really this is Colin Farrell's film.He really exudes a cop of questionable character and is very brutal in his methods.He doesnt put up with any rubbish or anyone getting in his way.Norton is an actor who I really like especially from Fight Club and American History X and is good here also but definitely Farrell is excellent.John Voight does his standard I-am-the-Father-and-I-am-going-to-make-sure-we-all-get-through-this-ok but don't get me wrong is good in the part.

The movie definitely reminded me of The Departed so if you liked that you will probably like this also.You may have read elsewhere online about the ending of the film and it is a bit kind of strange and relies on a coincidence but I wasn't upset about it like some people seem to be.It relies on a bit of Irish attitudes to sorting problems out also which is a bit of a stereotype but the whole thing was fine with me as they have to end the movie somehow.After all it is a movie and we all want some finality to everything!

If you like Cop Thrillers like The Departed and Max Payne you will like this.Its more of a focus on the characters of the people involved than all out action but I would defintely recommend seeing this move!

Pride and Glory (8/10)


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