Thursday, November 20, 2008

Star Trek Movie Trailer

I was deeply embedded in my lair a few weeks ago when from a secret entrance that few know about entered one of my many agents.My security camera took a picture as he came in though.He was heavily camouflaged and had been deep in the field carrying out important missions.He was tired yet he had urgent news.Taking off his armour and helmet he sat down in front of me.He laid one of his many guns on the table before me and said his latest mission had been a complete success.He proceeded to inform me of what happened.

It was an infiltration that had taken him deep into enemy territory.On the mission he had brought with him all his lock picking tools and his cunning.On entering this secret facilty undetected he connected up his electronic equipment and using his exceptional hacking skills to access top secret data he had downloaded the information!! From a hidden side pocket he handed me a memory card with a copy on it.It was the latest Star Trek Movie trailer!!!! It has since been leaked to this website

The agent quickly gathered up his belongings and with a tip of his helmet exited as silently as he came in.Who was this man?

He is none other than Lt. Colonel Creedon. Few pics of his face are available of him but there is one of him receiving his many medals here on the left!

For security reasons I have been only able to tell this tale now but now you know where the trailer came from!!!!!!!!!!!!


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