Thursday, January 29, 2009


This movie is adapted from the short story 'The Forbidden' written by Clive Barker though there are some differences between the story and the movie. It is directed by Bernard Rose. It has spawned two sequels which I will review in future posts.

The movie begins with Helen Lyle(Virginia Madsen) who is a student researching urban myths for her thesis. Her friend Bernadette Walsh(Kasi Lemmons) is helping her with it. As she is interviewing people about urban legends, she hears of the 'Candyman' who is a local legend who was the son of a slave who was killed for having an affair with the daughter of a white plantation owner. His hand was cut off and then he was smeared in honey and stung to death by bees. He was then burned on a pyre in a place called Cabrini Green.The legend says that if someone looks into the mirror and chants 'Candyman' five times, he will appear.

Helen decides to go to the very dangerous area of Cabrini Green to see what happens. Helen summons Candyman, not thinking that the legend is real. She finds out that there are two unsolved murders and that people think that Candyman is responsible. Strange things begin to happen after Helen has called Candyman and he has been brought back from hell and he is going on a rampage and killing people. Meanwhile, all of the evidence points to Helen and she has to try and clear her name, but when her friends begin to die, it seems as if she is the main suspect.

Candyman confronts Helen in a car park and she is nearly possessed by him. Helen has to battle the Candyman or she is going to die too. She needs to clear her name before she goes to prison. She is being blamed for all of the murders and she needs to put the Candyman back wherever he came from. It is not going to be easy as he is powerful and evil..

I like this movie. It is a good horror and I like the look of the movie. Most of the movie is set in run-down buildings with art scrawled on the walls which adds to the dark atmosphere of this film. The guy who plays Candyman (Tony Todd) is creepy too and he adds to the eerie feeling. I would give this one 8/10.


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