Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hilary Swank - Hot or Not?

Is Hilary Swank Hot or Not? This is inspired by the recent Office episode called "Prince Family Paper" that I reviewed here. This is the fundamental question! A simple one but one that causes great debate!

The case for the motion "She is Hot" is hereby put forward in these three photos!

Hmmmm............. these photos make her look attractive I think.But remember the question is "Is She Hot or Not?" She definitely has nice qualities in those!

Well that third photo just about clinches it don't you think? Surely she is hot!

But wait compelling evidence has just arrived in! Some might even say damning!

The case for the motion "She is Not" is hereby put forward in these three photos!

These photos tell a sorry tale of an actress that may not be so hot after all!! Is that a guy there or a woman? What do you think?!

That third photo is a train wreck and could be the end of the argument all together! Is it an angry guy or a Two-Time Oscar Winning actress?!!!!!!

Well, The court concludes as You,the jury retire to consider your verdict!!!!! As I am the Judge may I remind you that the case before you is specifically "Is She Hot or Not?" and not anything else!

Please vote in the Poll on this page and make a comment if you wish to vehemently support your argument against all who disagree with you! All in good fun of course!!


Johnny said...


Ghidorah said...

I completely ignore the second et of photos, as if it never existed and go for HOT HOT HOT! too.

nygchicklet said...

I should be so ugly...

Anonymous said...

Without a doubt- HOT.

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