Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Visitation(2006)

I watched this movie for the first time yesterday. It isn't one I had heard of but I said I would give it a try. One of the main reasons I watched it is because a favourite country music star of mine, Randy Travis, is in it. The Visitation(2006) is set in a small town of Antioch where a former preacher, Travis(Martin Donovan)has lost his faith in Jesus since his wife was murdered three years before and no one was caught. He lives away from people in his own misery. Suddenly,miracles start happening around town. The son of the new vet in town,Morgan, played by Kelly Lynch, is in a car crash, but is unhurt. Then, Travis's dead dog Max comes back to life. People start to heal around town and there is strange people in black seen around when the miracles occur.

An unknown young man called Brandon Nichols(Edward Furlong) turns up in town and starts performing miracles and claiming to be Jesus Christ. The townspeople begin to worship him as if he is God. Only a few people are worried by this so called prophet. Travis and Morgan are not convinced by him and they investigate him. They discover that he is evil and that he is not Jesus, but he is working with the Devil. Randy Travis plays Kyle Sherman who is also not convinced of Brandon's claims. In the end, they confront him and there is a reason that he has come to this town and why he is evil. I won't give it away. It was an enjoyable movie. Not the best, but it will pass away some time if you are looking for something to watch.


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