Friday, February 27, 2009

Hells Kitchen- Season 5, Episode 4 Recap

It was another fun-filled week in Hell's Kitchen and there was plenty more fun to come as we catch up with the cooks once again. Who will get the chop this week? Will it be the ever-annoying Coleen? Will lazy Lacey pull up her socks and will bossy Andrea ever shut up? Let's find out!

This week began with Carol being asked who the best cook is on the women's team- she chooses herself and Andrea. Danny is asked for the best cook on the men's team and he chooses himself, much to the annoyance of Ben, who thinks that HE deserves to be named the best cook. They have to make breakfast for some kids and the girls win by serving the most breakfast so that means the guys are faced with the task of cleaning both kitchens and prepping all of the stuff for that evening's service. The gals are treated to a day out while the guys slave in the kitchen. The tension is building between an angry Ben and Danny- Watch the Clip Above!

Service begins and the fun starts! As usual there are some huge mistakes. Coi messes up big time and she keeps messing everything up for the evening. In the men's kitchen, Ben is screwing his service up and everybody is angry with him as he is all talk and no action. He thinks that he is the best cook, yet he messes up again and again. J leaves a stalk in someones salad which is a really stupid mistake. Coleen is her usual annoying self and gets an earful from Chef Ramsay.
You can tell that he does not like her because she claims to be a cook, yet she just teaches cookery but isn't a chef. I think that he sees her as a phony.

Seth gets it so wrong again when Chef Ramsay catches him wiping his sweaty brow on the same cloth he uses to wipe his pans with. Ugh. His hygiene leaves a lot to be desired and Chef Ramsay is disgusted with him. This week, there are no winners are Chef Ramsay tells them both to nominate two people from each team. Lacey and Coleen are nominated from the girls team. Note: I was very surprised that Coi was not nominated for elimination this week as she performed terribly. I think that Lacey is being used as a scapegoat and even though I don't like her, I think that the others pick on her a lot. The guys choose Seth and Ben rightly. In the end, Seth is kicked off and I think that that was the right decision. He just didn't have what it takes.

That is another week done in Hell's Kitchen. I will be back next week with more fun from the hottest kitchen in town!!!


Sinclair said...

I concur. I am not enthralled with any of the contestants this season.

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