Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lost Season 5 Episode 4 Recap

Well,Lost has been on again and I hope you have been watching faithfully like I have been! This episode was number 4 and was called "The Little Prince".What did you think of it? Perplexed? Can't follow it? Love it? Missed the episode entirely? In the video above we have the promo for the episode and this is another good one folks! Well then,here we go with my recap/discussion of Lost so as always leave a comment if you have any thoughts about it!

Lost begins with the by now usual look back at the previous episode.So if you want to know about that one then click here! Remember Locke was told the Oceanic 6 must return to the island and Charlotte collapsed bleeding! We go to a flashback of Kate and Jack talking on the boat before they are officially found and 'rescued' and Kate is worried about Aaron who is Claire's baby.How will they explain him? Kate says that Claire was on her way to give him up for adoption and she thinks that they should say that Kate is his mother.She is clearly attached to Aaron and is upset about everyone else that they either left behind or that died.Jack appeals to Kate to lie with him and try to get the others to agree to lie also.He asks is she with him and she says that she has always been with him so it is a touching moment.

Then we go to 3 years later than that scene where Kate is with Sun and Aaron who obviously is now older than a baby.Sun asks Kate is she sure she wants to do something and Kate says yes as it was Sun's idea.Kate leaves and promises to be back soon as she leaves Aaron in Sun's care.Obviously she is off to do whatever she is nervous about.Sun then gets a package delivery of a big envelope with files and pictures of Ben and Locke when they were leaving the funeral home.In the package also is a nice box of chocolates which is always nice to get don't you agree?!!! Although under the first layer of chocolates is not a second layer! In this box of chocolates there is a handgun!!!!!! Then the title card comes up like here with that eerie music!!!

We go back to Charlotte with the rest of Locke and Faraday's group and they are concerned about what has happened to her.Sawyer thinks Faraday knows but isn't saying.Juliet sends Sawyer over to Jack and Faraday admits he thought it might happen.He says the flashes throw the body clock off and is like really bad jet lag.When Juliet asks why is it not happening to everyone else Faraday says he does not know but thank god it is not! Now we go back to Kate as she is in a downtown office meeting with the lawyer that wanted blood samples from Aaron.He will not say who he represents but Kate offers him a deal.She will give him the blood samples if she can meet whoever he represents.The Lawyer says he will ask but he knows the client will not agree as he has a court order compelling her to prove she is Aaron's mother.His client though wants the exchange of custody to go quietly.When she asks what exchange he says she knows what he means.He says to Kate that she will definitely lose the boy! The Lawyer looked very familiar and I was trying to remember what I saw him in before.Then Amanda told me it was the TV series My So Called Life.Yes she is right of course and his name is Tom Irwin.That series was very short lived and had Claire Danes in it and was very good! Surely you liked it too!!!

Anyway we go back to Locke and Sawyer talking and Locke says that they have to go back to the Orchid as the flashes all started when they were there.The Orchid was the greenhouse area if you are not sure what he meant.Locke says that they should use the zodiac raft on the beach and cut around the horn as it is a long way to walk.He says that he is not exactly sure what to do there but as Ben used it to get off the island, Locke could do the same thing and bring the Oceanic 6 back and the people who blew up on the boat!! Charlotte then wakes up and is a bit dizzy but she is OK.Sawyer agrees with Locke that they need to go to the Orchid.We cut to Jack and Sayid in the hospital where Sayid is waking up after the tranquilisers.Jack gets called out of the room by a doctor who says that Jack should not be there as he was suspended.Hurley then rings him from LA County lockup and says Ben cannot get him there and he is safe!! Then he hangs up just as Ben walks into the hospital and meets Jack.Back in the room with Sayid, a doctor or male nurse walks into the room and says he has meds for Sayid.Sayid smells a rat and gets out of the way just as this impostor fires yet more tranquilisers at him!! A fight ensues and Sayid gets the upper hand choking him and asks who is is working for.The impostor says the address is in his pocket and then Sayid tranquilises him.When Jack and Ben come into the room Jack realises that it is Kate's address!!

He rings Kate to see if she is OK and she is staking out the lawyer to see where he goes.She tells Jack where she is and Jack arranges to meet her there.As Sayid does not trust Ben, he goes with Ben as he tries to get Hurley out.They all arrange to meet up later at the marina where everyone seems to meet in TV shows!! Must be very busy there! Back with Locke and Sawyer's group they see a light shining up into the sky.Locke realises what it is but just demands all to keep moving.Do you know what the light is? Well, It is the light from the first series when Locke was banging on the hatch demanding a sign and the light shone up from the hatch.Remember Desmond was down the hatch and turned on the light so we know that Locke and Sawyer's group have now travelled to that time period.Then they all hear a woman screaming and Sawyer goes alone to investigate.He sees Kate helping Claire give birth to Aaron and he looks at Kate realising how much he misses her.Then there is a big flash as they all time travel again and Locke asks Sawyer what he saw.Sawyer says it doesn't matter as it is gone now!!

We cut back to Kate as Jack arrives to meet her just as the Lawyer leaves.They set off in pursuit of him as we cut back to Locke and Sawyer's group.They both now realise what time they were just in and Sawyer says why didn't Locke just go to himself in that earlier time to save him all the trouble.Locke says he needed it to get to where he is now.Miles then admits to Faraday that he has had a nosebleed too just as they all arrive back on the beach where the camp was.There is no one there and the Zodiac is gone.There are 2 long canoes on the beach so they decide to use one of them to go to the Orchid.As they are paddling along they suddenly are getting shot at by a group in the other canoe! As they paddle everything flashes as they time travel again.Now they are at night where it is lashing rain!!

Jack and Kate follow the Lawyer as he meets a woman who is revealed to be Claire's mother!! Jack goes to speak to her but realises that she knows nothing about Aaron and just wants her settlement from Oceanic for the death of Claire.Then Ben and Sayid pull into a car park where they meet the Lawyer who says there is no case against Hurley and that he should be free the next morning.Ben says to Sayid that the Lawyer is his lawyer!! We go back to Locke and Sawyer's group as they pull their canoe up on a beach and relax after the paddling that they did.Sawyer talks to Juliet about seeing Kate and Claire but Juliet now has a nosebleed! Charlotte spots wreckage on the beach and it has french writing on it.She says that it probably just happened.We go to a scene where french people are talking in a lifeboat and they see a body floating on a piece of wood.They pull him into their lifeboat and he is revealed to be Jin!!!

Now we go to the Marina where everyone in movies and TV meets! Kate pulls up in her car with Jack and asks him why he called her that specific day.Jack produces the note that Sayid found on the impostor with her address on it and explains how he got it.Then Ben and Sayid arrive and Kate is very scared when she sees Ben.Jack tries to assure her Ben is there to help and that everyone needs to be together.Kate accuses Ben of trying to take Aaron away but Jack says no he is not.Then Ben says yes he is!!!!!! He is trying to get Aaron as he is not Kate's son so he knows Kate is not his mother.Looking on at all them talking is Sun in a car with Aaron but no one has seen her there.She gets out of the car as she grabs the gun that was sent to her.

We cut back to Jin with the French people and it is now daytime and has stopped raining.They ask where Jin came from but he is unsure how he got there.A woman gives him a drink of water and asks Jin his name.He tells her it is Jin and she says hers is Danielle Rousseau as the credits roll! She is the Frenchwoman who said she came with scientists and when Jin meets her she is young so we know they are all now far back in time!! Did you like this episode? Tell me what you thought of it!!!!!


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