Monday, March 30, 2009

Flu Bird Horror(2008)

This movie is a Sci fi Channel release. It was released last year. It is directed by Leigh Scott who is also directing the remake of the horror classic The Dunwich Horror. The story begins with two guys hunting in the woods. They are in the woods when something passes them by and they wonder what it is. It turns out to be a gigantic bird and it attacks them, killing one and biting the other one. We cut to a large guy walking blindfolded through the woods. He is calling out for his friends but they aren't there. He also gets attacked by something that bites him in the stomach. We discover that he is one of a few kids who are in the woods with a counsellor to serve time instead of going to juvenile institution. They all have attitudes and they are all equally irritating. The large guy comes out of the woods with blood spilling from his mouth and his stomach. The others have no idea what to do. Suddenly, mutant birds come swooping from the skies and they attack the youngsters who hide. They are terrified by these terrible creatures and they do not know what the hell they are. The bird attack and kill the counsellor who is in charge of them. They have to find shelter in a fort or something and they try and figure out what to do. The large guy is made into bait while they escape to somewhere else. They found a radio and they got through to a park ranger and a doctor who rescue them from the dangerous birds.Unfortunately, the birds follow all of them and try to attack them in their car which crashes and turns over. They have to lure the birds into the fort which is full of dynamite and one of them blows the whole lot up, killing the birds. That is the end of the film. This movie is very funny. It was silly, really. The birds are silly, the actors are silly, but it is good for a laugh. Watch it and I guarantee, you will have to giggle at it..I am giving it a 3/10.

Hells Kitchen, Season 5, Episode 8 Recap

This week's show was very exciting. There were firings all over the place and there was more cat-fighting between bossy b***h Andrea and annoying Carol. Were they going to have a duel with meat cleavers? Was Lacey going to get kicked out once and for all? Last week saw the end of J and this week, there is going to be some more dead weight cut loose. It was challenge time again in Hell's Kitchen and it was gals versus boys. The cooks had to taste different foods and say what they were(watch clip above). I was laughing at the way they couldn't identify foods time after time. They are supposed to be professionals, but they are obviously amateurs. Danny and Carol did well identifying the ingredients of a soup cooked by Chef Ramsay, but most of the others were crap. None of the cooks could tell the difference between tuna and beef! Hello!!!!!Get a clue!!!!I could tell the difference between TUNA and BEEF and I ain't on the show!!!!!! The girls win the challenge and get their photographs taken for a magazine while the others wait on them and prep both kitchens.

Service begins and the blue team are arguing with Lacey again. What's new? They are moaning and whining about having to prep everything etc etc. The red kitchen is buzzing, but Carol is very slow on the meat section. Lacey is terrible with the meat section in her kitchen and she cracks under the pressure. All the rest of them just look on. Chef Ramsay gives her a talking to.
Robert splits his pants and keeps going! Carol keeps messing it up in the service. Andrea isn't immune to the Chef's wrath as she messes up too. She blames Carol!!! Lacey gets thrown out of the kitchen by the Chef. Bye bye Lacey!!! Everyone will be happy now.... Maybe not!!!The gals are still arguing. Carol and Andrea can't seem to help themselves. Carol is screwing up again and L.A. gets mad with her. The men's team are doing very well without Lacey and their food is up to standard every time. They finish their service first and they are pleased with themselves. Chef Ramsay closes the red kitchen as they cannot catch up now. He praises the blue team and tells the red team to pick two nominees for the chop. It ends up being Carol and L.A. and the chef asks them who else they would nominate and they tell him Andrea. The three women step forward and L.A. ends up going home. She wasn't great for the last few weeks and I think that she deserved to go home...Until next week....Keep cooking!!!

The Office, Season 5, Episode 19 Recap.

This week's office was a good one! Last week, Michael quit as his new boss is a stickler for playing by the rules and Michael is not! He told David that he was finished at Dunder Mifflin! Could this be the end of the Office? Let's hope that it isn't...

This week, Michael returns to the office to tell them all what happened in New York with David(Watch the clip above). As usual, he takes a long time to come to the point and he tells them that he is quitting. They all act as if he should have yelled at his boss and told him what he really thought of him. They also keep asking him what he is going to do now. Michael is beginning to realise that maybe he should have had a plan before leaving!!!
He begins to let loose at the office and begins drinking!!! His immediate boss, Charles, is still at the office and he is interviewing people for Michael's job while he is still there!

Michael speaks to the interviewee and he tells Michael that it is tough trying to get a job in these harsh times. Michael is beginning to look very worried now! He sets about trying to set up his own paper company with hilarious results...... Let's hope that he changes his mind and that he is reinstated as soon as possible. It wouldn't be the same without Michael Scott!!!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dead and Buried(1981)

This movie has been lost in time and it is a shame as it is entertaining and creepy. It is directed by Gary Sherman who also directed Poltergeist 3. It was on the list of 'video nasties' during the 1980's but now, it is a cult classic. It stars James Farentino and Melody Anderson.
In the town of Potter's Bluff in New England, there are murders happening. The Sheriff of the town, Dan Gillis(Farentino) tries to find out why. Strangers in the town are being killed. We find out that the victims are photographed before they are killed. The Sheriff works with the coroner and the local mortician, Mr. Dobbs(Jack Albertson) to try and solve the mystery. The murders begin to come daily and they are very gruesome. His wife,Janet(Anderson), is acting very strangely also and Dan is left puzzled. He finds that she has books on voodoo and the occult and he wonders if she is having an affair. We can see that the murders are being carried out by the townspeople, but the sheriff doesn't know that. He doesn't seem to realise that the people he see every day are the ones who are making his job so difficult. Gradually, he becomes suspicious and we see him beginning to open his eyes to the oddness of his little town and the people in it.He hits somebody with his car and he sees a severed arm stuck to his car and it is twitching as if still alive. He finds that the flesh on the arm has been dead for a month. The sheriff is shocked and he feels like he is living in the town with people he doesn't know or want to know, even his own wife. He finds out that Dobbs is the mastermind behind it all. He has discovered a way to reanimate the dead and he has used it on the people in the town.The entire town is comprised of the living dead and he has been living among them. He is sickened to hear that Dobbs has been preserving these dead people for years and he considers himself an artist. He needs more corpses for his work and that is why he sends his zombies out to kill more people.The sheer horror of what he is faced with brings Sheriff Gillis to breaking point. He can't take it in and he is horrified.In the ending, we see that he is one of the living dead himself. His wife had murdered him and he had been brought back to life by Dobbs. He sees that his hands are going to rot so Dobbs takes a look at them for him...... This is an unsual movie, but it is creepy and fun. There are plenty of twists and turns in this movie, so that you are kept guessing until the end. I will give this an 8/10.

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Keep(1983)

This movie is not well-known, but it is creepy and atmospheric. It is directed by Michael Mann, who directed Miami Vice and Manhunter. It is based on a novel by the same name written by F.Paul Wilson, who didn't exactly love the movie. It stars Jurgen Prochnow(Das Boot), Gabriel Byrne, Ian McKellan and Scott Glenn. In WW2, the Germans have a 'keep' in Romania and they unwittingly release an evil spirit called Molasar who resides deep within the keep. It is disturbed by a couple of German soldiers and it saps their life force. The soldiers think that the people in the village have something to do with the sudden deaths of their troop and they call in more soldiers to deal with it. It makes no difference and the spirit continues to kill and take the life from more of the troops. The villagers are all scared of the keep as they think that it is haunted. A mysterious stranger Glaeken (Scott Glenn), arrives in the village and he seems to know about the keep. He also knows how to destroy to evil force that resides inside the daunting keep.The local priest tells the Germans that they need a Jewish history professor ,Professor Cuza (McKellan) to help them to decipher some message which is written on the walls of the keep. The professor is taken from a death camp and brought to the keep, along with his daughter,Eva Cuza(Alberta Watson). The demon saves Eva from a sexual assault from a German solider and then asks her father to help him to escape from the keep. Professor Cuza is cured from his illness by the demon and he decides to help it. Meanwhile, Glaeken arrives at the keep to battle with the demon, despite the efforts of the professor to stop him. He confronts the demon and they do battle. The demon is successfully hurt and forced further back into the keep. But, Glaeken finds himself dragged into the keep also and he has no choice but to follow the demon to his doom.... I read that some people were not happy with the movie as they felt that it was not loyal to the novel. I wouldn't know because I have not read the book. I liked this movie. Maybe the ending was a little rushed, but overall, it was a good creepy horror. There are some great scenes and I will give it an 8/10.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


This film was written and directed by David Cronenberg who also directed Rabid, The Brood and Videodrome.He was a favourite of mine before he started to make movies like Eastern Promises(2007) . Anyway, this movie is a horror/sci-fi classic by now and it starts Patrick McGoohan(from The Prisoner) and Michael Ironside. I read that there is some remake being made and of course, that will be full of special effects and not much else!!! Yes, ANOTHER remake..... The movie begins with a grubby man who is walking through a mall. He looks homeless and people are disgusted by him. A woman begins to look at him and she has some sort of fit. This is no normal man. He is a scanner...He is captured by two men and brought to Dr.Paul Ruth(McGoohan) who informs him that he has special powers. The man is Cameron Vale(Stephen Lack) and he can hear everybody's thoughts. It hurts him to hear everything and he couldn't cope with it which is why he became down and out. Meanwhile, there is a meeting of people who want to see the scanners in progress. Unfortunately, there is a rogue scanner, Darryl Revok(Ironside) who murders the last scanner who was working for ConSec, a weapons and security systems company. Now, Dr. Ruth has to get Cameron to infiltrate Revok's underworld but it isn't easy as Ruvok is aware that he is doing so due to a leak at ConSec. Revok is collecting rogue scanners and he wants to take over the world. Scanners can control people's thoughts and Revok is sending his people out to kill the good scanners. Cameron is told that the only way that the voices in his head can be silenced is by a drug called ephemerol. Cameron tries to find a lead to Darryl, but he is killed. Cameron meets a fellow scanner called Kim(Jennifer O' Neill) and she tries to help him to get to Darryl before Revok can stop him. They eventually get captured by Revok and Cameron has to face him, scanner to scanner....... An interesting movie with some good special effects(who could forget that exploding head?). I enjoyed it. I am going to give it a 7/10.

The Black Dahlia(2006)

This film is based on the unsolved murder of a woman called Elizabeth Short(pictured left) or more commonly known as 'The Black Dahlia' in the 1940's. She was a 22 year old woman who came to Hollywood to find fame and fortune and instead was found murdered. She had been cut in half and her face sliced. The film is also based on a novel written about the case by James Ellroy who also wrote L.A. Confidential. It is directed by Brian De Palma who also directed Scarface and The Untouchables. Unfortunately, this movie pales in comparison to those classics. The film follows two L.A. detectives. Firstly, there is Lee Blanchard(Aaron Eckhart) and Dwight 'Bucky' Bleichert(Josh Hartnett).They are friends and they get to work together busting bad guys. Lee has a girlfriend, Kay Lake(Scarlett Johansson) and there is sexual tension between Bucky and Kay, but nothing is done about it as Bucky values his friendship with Lee. The two cops are making headlines arresting the bad guys in L.A. when the body of a young woman is found. She has been cut in two and mutilated. Lee and Bucky get assigned to the case and it becomes known as The Black Dahlia Murder. They probe into Elizabeth Short's background and find that there are many people who knew her. She was so determined to break into the movies that she would do almost anything. She is haunting Lee and he wants to find her killer so much that it begins to affect his life. He is also worried about some guy called Bobby DeWitt being released from jail. De Witt used to be with Kay and Lee is worried about that. Bucky investigates the case and he meets Madeleine Linscott (Hilary Swank) who is supposed to look like the Black Dahlia.From here on, this movie takes a turn for the worse. I had high hopes when I saw that Josh Hartnett was in it as I think that he isn't a bad actor, but he had to struggle through this shabby movie. It becomes a cop thriller and the Black Dahlia is mentioned now and again to keep your interest. I did not like this movie much. I thought that it didn't delve into the case of the Black Dahlia enough and that the ending was ridiculous. Maybe it was meant to be a comedy. I wanted to see a factual account of the case with all of the details, but the Black Dahlia was just added in as an afterthought, it seems to me. I haven't read the book, so I can't say if this movie is faithful to the novel. I was just disappointed as the cast was impressive and the costumes and sets were good too. It was just the way the murder story was handled became uninteresting. It could have been a very good movie, but instead, it was mediocre and boring. I would give it 3/10.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dead Calm(1989)

This movie may not be well-known but it is a great thriller starring Nicole Kidman, Sam Neill and a young Billy Zane. It is based on a novel of the same name written by Charles Williams and it is directed by Aussie Phillip Noyce.

John Ingram(Sam Neill) and his wife Rae(Nicole Kidman) are taking a break on their yacht after a terrible car accident in which their son was killed. They are both devastated and John thinks that a break will help Rae come to terms with it. They are very susrprised to see a man who sails up to them and tells them that all of his co-workers on a ship came down with food poisioning and that he is the only survivor left. He is Hughie Warriner(Billy Zane) and he seems sincere. The couple agree to help him and he climbs on board.

John has reservations about this guy and he asks him about the ship and what happened. He asks Hughie to go back to the ship with him and see if everyone is dead and if there is anything useful left on board. Hughie doesn't want to go abck and that makes John wonder about the young man. He decides to take a look while Hughie is asleep. He looks around the boat and he sees that the young man was lying. The men and women on the boat were murdered. He finds out that Hughie was a cameraman on the ship and that he decided to kill the others on the boat. He tries to get back to his yacht, but Hughie has taken over and he has knocked Rae out. He sails away from John. John has no choice to but to go back to the other boat and try and follow them.

Rae is left alone with Hughie and she tries to reason with him and get him to go back for John, but he isn't going to. She tries to charm him and she can see that he wants sex. She pretneds to go to the bathroom but instead she gets a gun and loads it. He catches her and she has no choice but to give in to him. John is still trying to catch up to them and he sets the boat on fire to get some attention. Rae tries to drug Hughie and she shoots at him with a harpoon but kills the dog instead. Hughie tries to kill her when he realises that she is just pretending to like him. I won't spoil the ending, but it is very good.This is a very good movie with good acting and story. I am going to give it an 8.5/10.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Hells Kitchen, Season 5, Episode 7, Recap

This week was thrilling in the kitchen. There were some real surprises in store for us. I wondered if Andrea and Carol were going to come to blows in the kitchen. I wondered if Robert was going to kill Lacey with the help of his team-mates. I wondered if Chef Ramsay was finally going to explode and kick the whole lot of them off! Last week, Coi went and that was a good decision so on to this week's installment of Hell's Kitchen....

We begin with a challenge, as always between the boys and girls.Giovanni was moved to the ladies team.The chef told them to come up with tapas and they set about coming up with ideas. The guys were successful, but the girls and guy came out on top and they were treated to a day of horse racing while the others had to prep everything for the two kitchens. They moaned and groaned and as usual, Lacey was given the brunt of their anger. I do not like her much, but I am seeing that she is being bullied by the guys. She can be a bit much, but hey, none of them are doing so well, either.Lacey threatens to leave as the guys heap the pressure on her. You just know that the guys will use that to screw her up later. The ladies enjoy their day out and return to the kitchen to see the guys teams working up a sweat.

That night, the service begins and the rice has turned to mush. J is the one who cooked it and he gets an earful from Chef Ramsay. Meanwhile, Carol gets in trouble for serving raw pasta and she and Andrea have to eat it before they can come back in the kitchen. Carol is annoyed because Andrea said nothing while she was getting yelled at. Jay gets in trouble again and Chef Ramsay takes him in the back and tells him that he isn't cooking well at all . J tries to bluff his way out of it. L.A. is getting in strife when she forgets her sauce as she is dreaming.
J is thrown out of the kitchen by Chef Ramsay and he goes home. Chef Ramsay thinks that he was not good enough and that he deserved to go home. He was right in his decision. J was messing up time and time again and he was given chance after chance.

Ben begins to falter in the kitchen and he is letting himself down again.He talks himself up, but I really don't think that he is as good as he thinks. The men's team loses and they choose one person to go. Who is it? Surprise, surprise, it's Lacey. Robert rants about how bad she is and the others back him up. What a screw job! Chef Ramsay picks out Ben too as he was terrible. He sends nobody home as J is gone and he tells them to go.... This weeks episode was exciting and the right man got kicked out....

Saturday, March 21, 2009


I took a real interest in this movie because I had read a lot about the Zodiac killer who was at large in the 1970's in California. He was never caught and there were some suspects, but a real lack of evidence to connect them to the crimes. This was a well-acted, interesting account of the unsolved case of the Zodiac. They stuck to the facts too, which I was impressed with. It was directed by David Fincher who has also directed Fight Club, Seven and Panic Room.

The film follows the case of the Zodiac killer and we see a killing as it happened in 1969. We don't see who the killer is obviously. Then we cut to the offices of the San Francisco Chronicle where Paul Avery(Robert Downey Jnr) is working along with cartoonist Robert Graysmith(Jake Gyllenhaal). A letter is delivered to the editor of the paper and it is from the Zodiac. It is encrypted and Robert is very interested in trying to break the code. He is not taken seriously by the others in the office and he tries to find out all he can about the Zodiac case. He talks to Paul about it and he tells him his ideas about the Zodiac. He turns out to be right about a lot of things and Paul begins to take him seriously.

We cut to the two cops investigating the Zodiac killings, Dave Toschi(Mark Ruffalo) and Bill Armstrong(Anthony Edwards- yes I wondered where he had been hiding too!) They have a very difficult job of trying to find clues to the killings and they become frustrated when they are hitting a brick wall. The killer continues with his letters and he calls in to a show on TV to talk with a respected lawyer,Melvin Belli(Brian Cox). Paul Avery and Robert try and find the answers to the many questions which surround this case. A suspect turns up. He is called Arthur Leigh Allen(John Carroll Lynch) who seems to fit the profile perfectly. There are so many coincidences that the cops think that they have found their man, but there is no evidence to connect Allen with the Zodiac.

The cops become disheartened when they cannot match Allen to the crimes. They move on from the case and it is left unsolved and open. Robert is still intrigued by the case and he contacts Paul a few years later, only to find that he is a wreck and that he can't be of any help to him. He decides to write a book on Zodiac and he follows up leads that the cops missed. He gets help from Dave Toschi, but eventually he stops helping him. Robert loses his job at the paper and his wife leaves him too. He is exasperated when writing samples and fingerprints suggest that it is not Allen who is the Zodiac. Robert is still convinced and he seeks Allen. He finds him working in a hardware store and he enters and stares at him. We cut to 1983 and a survivor from one of the killings is shown a photo of Arthur Leigh Allen and identifies him as the man who shot him and killed his girlfriend. It is too late then for anything to happen and the film leaves it like that. I was very impressed with this movie and I liked the way that it told the truth without being tempted to get too emotional. I am going to give this a 9/10.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Maniac Cop(1988)

Imagine if you called the cops only to find that they were more dangerous than the criminals? Welcome to Maniac Cop. He is a cop on the streets of New York City and he is dangerous to the extreme. This movie was directed by William Lustig who also directed Maniac(1980) and the two sequels to this movie.

The streets of New York City are crawling with criminals and bad guys. The police are there to clean up the streets-or are they? There is one cop who is not trying to protect and serve. He is killing innocent people for no apparent reason. People are very scared and they do not know who to trust. The cops are being hurt because of the hysteria that has swept the city. Civillians are taking the law into their own hands and shooting the police sent to protect them. One of the officers, Jack Forrest(Bruce Campbell) is cheating on his wife and when she turns up dead, he is the suspect for the murders.
His wife had a scrapbook of news cuttings about the maniac cop and this reinforces the idea that Jack is the Maniac Cop.

Jack gets help from his mistress and fellow cop,
Theresa (Laurene Landon). She believes that he is not the murderer as she was with him when the crime was comitted, but Jack still remains the prime suspect. Another cop,Frank MacCrae doesn't believe that Jack is guilty and he finds out about a cop called Matt Cordell(Robert Z’Dar) who was a 'supercop' who got too close to exposing some very powerful criminals and he was framed and sent to prison where the prisoners murdered him in the showers. He thinks that Matt has somehow survived and come back to take revenge on everyone....
But, it is very hard to prove to the Comissioner and the others that this dead man has come back to life and is murdering people all over the city. Jack has to escape from the cops and try and prove his innocence while stopping the Maniac Cop in the process. That is not going to be easy and the Maniac Cop is clever and he will not let anyone stop his ramage through the city.. I liked this movie and it is very good for a b-movie. It is also an 80's classic. I will give it an 8/10.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


This is a mix of comedy and horror from the director of Friday the 13th Part 2 and 3, Warlock and Lake Placid, Steve Miner. It stars William Katt and George Wendt. There are three sequels which I will review in future posts.

Roger Cobb(Katt) is a Vietnam Vet and a writer who has just buried his eccentric aunt who died in mysterious circumstances. She has left him her house. His son has also disappeared and his marriage is over. He still loves his wife, but there is too much distance between them. He enters the house which is evil. Roger grew up there and he knows the house, but the house also knows him. The house is dangerous. There are strange things happening there. The house can manipulate your life and drive you insane....

The house has its own ghosts and there is unspeakable horror inside it. Poor Roger is sucked into the nightmares and the illusions that exist inside it. It preys on his fear and his sorrow and he begins to see things that aren't there and he begins to think that his missing son is trapped somewhere inside the house. He sees his son and he sees his dead aunt. Are they really there or is he going mad? His neighbour is Harold(Wendt) who is very nosey and Roger tries to get rid of him. He tries to write a novel about his experiences in Vietnam, but finds that the house is distracting him. Roger hears a noise from his aunt's room and when he goes to investigate it, he is attacked by some creature.

He gears himself up to catch the monster on camera but there is nothing to see. He is driven mad by the house and he tries to hold onto his sanity and he is plagued with thoughts of his son and his ex-wife. He feels as if the house is trying to kill him and destroy his soul. He fights back against the house and he tries to find his son. He is thwarted by the house, but he uses all of his strength to overcome his fears to stand against the evil in the house... This 80's horror is very good. It isn't gory or shocking, but it is entertaining. There is plenty to like about this movie and I would recommend it to anyone. It's good fun. I am going to give it an 8/10...

Natasha Richardson -1963-2009

We at Jigsaw's Lair were very sad to hear of the death of Natasha Richardson, the actress wife of actor Liam Neeson this morning. She died after she fell while taking a skiing lesson and hit her head. She was just 45 years of age. Our condolences go out to her husband Liam and her two sons and we hope that they get through this tough time. Our thoughts are with them at this awful time in their lives.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


This movie is a lesser-known horror based on the unpublished novel by Stephen King. It is directed by Mick Garris who also directed The Stand, Riding the Bullet and Desperation. It stars Brian Krause, Madchen Amick and Alice Krige.

Charles Brady(Krause) and his mother Mary(Krige) move to a small town in Indiana. They are very close and there is something strange about them. Charles attends the high school and there he meets Tanya(Amick). He seems to like her a lot and they chat about art etc. They become friends and Tanya likes him too. Mary is not too happy with this development and it seems as though this is going to come between the mother and son. They seem a bit too close for a mother and son and there seems to be something strange going on between them.The two teens go on a date and they begin to kiss.Charles is not a normal teenager and he tries to suck the life out of Tanya. Tanya retaliates and hits him on the head with a camera, scratching his face and stabbing him in the eye.

What people don't know is that Charles and Mary are Sleepwalkers- shape shifting energy vampires who thrive on sucking the life out of others, mainly virgin girls. They can only be destroyed by cats who can see past their human facade and they can be killed by a scratch from a kitty cat! Meanwhile, Charles gets busted by a cop, but he manages to kill him. He goes back to Tanya leaving her hysterical. Unfortunately for Charles, the cop has a cat in his car with him and it attacks him and mortally wounds him. He manages to get back to his mother and she uses her powers to make them invisible when the cops come to bust them at their house. Mary tries to help her son, but he is too far gone.

She is furious at Tanya and she kills some cops and she injures Tanya's parents. She kidnaps the poor girl and takes her back to the house for Charles. He tries to drain Tanya's life, but she pokes his eyes out and kills him for good. Tanya manages to escape and then all of the local cats in the area are gathering outside Mary's house. She is trapped by them and there is nothing that she can do. They manage to jump on Mary and they kill her. Tanya watches this from nearby and she sees Mary die in flames on her front driveway. She clings to one of the cats who saved her life.

This is not a bad movie. There are some good scenes. The one scene at the end with all of the cats is very good. It is an interesting movie and though not a classic, it is entertaining. I am going to give it a 7/10.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hells Kitchen, Season 5, Episode 6 Recap

I am back again with another thrilling review of this week's Hell's Kitchen. As you remember from last week, Colleen got kicked off which was a big relief. She was starting to irritate me. But, there are still more nasty gals left in Hell's Kitchen. This week, there is a showdown between the mouthy Andrea and the loud Carol- it was bound to happen. They are both leaders and they both think that they are in charge.

So, the girls are mourning the loss of Colleen(why???) and there are apologies all around for last weeks nominations. This week, the chefs are set a special task- to cater for a Bar Mitzvah for a young man. The chefs are told to cook up his favourite dishes- chicken soup, hamburger and brisket. Ben is delighted as he is Jewish too and he thinks that he has everything in hand. He knows all about the Bar Mitzvah. Max is the young man in question and he gets to taste everything. He decides t
hat he likes the soup made by the guys and the brisket made by the gals. The guys win the task by securing his vote for their hamburger. The men's team are treated to a day at a spa while the girls have to prepare everything for that night.

The party is being hosted by some party planner guy who is very annoying and Jean-Phillipe is not pleased. They clash a few times over the preparations for the night, but everything works out ok. The guys get back and they enter the kitchen to start cooking for the party. There are mess-ups as usual. Coi has a terrible night along with Andrea. J is still messing things up in the blue kitchen. Danny is in for an earful when he gets on the wrong side of Chef Ramsay. Lacey fails to heat up her brisket so she gets a hard time too. There is a very funny moment when the party planner drops the cake! (Watch the clip above)That has got to be staged! Nobody would drop a cake really!!!! It was very funny,though! The ladies team loses and Coi and L.A. are nominated for the chop. Coi gets kicked off and rightfully so. She had a few bad nights and she wasn't good enough. That's all for now, I will be back next week with more thrills and spills from the hottest kitchen in town!

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Office, Season 5, Episode 17 Recap

This week's episode was very funny and it was good to see that this series is still funny even after 5 seasons.

Michael comes up with an idea about putting a golden ticket inside various boxes of paper, promising that the company who finds it will get a 10 percent discount on their paper purchases.
He dresses up like Willy Wonka and he has a very strange looking suit and hat! Everyone in the office is bemused by his latest antics. Meanwhile, Kevin wants to ask out the woman that he met the week before at the singles party and he gets advice from Andy, Jim and Pam. Andy gives him the worst advice ever! Jim and Pam tell him to go for it. Poor Kevin gets very confused!

Dwight, Michael and Jim are doing knock knock jokes and Dwight comes up with one about the KGB. You can see this is the clip above! Michael's idea about the golden ticket backfires when one company gets the 5 of them and they want a huge discount. Michael's boss is not pleased and Michael tries to dodge his phone calls. He is worried that he is going to get in big trouble. When he finally has to speak to his boss, he tells Michael that he could have cost the company loads of money.

Michael sets about trying to make Dwight admit that it was his idea and that he should take the fall for him.
This backfires when Michael's boss, David, comes in and tells Michael that it was a great idea after all and that he is very happy with it. Dwight is given the credit until Michael owns up and wants to take the credit for the idea from Dwight! David leaves, not knowing what is going on. Kevin decides to ask out the woman he likes instead of listening to all of the advice! This was a very funny episode! I will be back next week with more laughs!
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