Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hells Kitchen, Season 5, Episode 6 Recap

I am back again with another thrilling review of this week's Hell's Kitchen. As you remember from last week, Colleen got kicked off which was a big relief. She was starting to irritate me. But, there are still more nasty gals left in Hell's Kitchen. This week, there is a showdown between the mouthy Andrea and the loud Carol- it was bound to happen. They are both leaders and they both think that they are in charge.

So, the girls are mourning the loss of Colleen(why???) and there are apologies all around for last weeks nominations. This week, the chefs are set a special task- to cater for a Bar Mitzvah for a young man. The chefs are told to cook up his favourite dishes- chicken soup, hamburger and brisket. Ben is delighted as he is Jewish too and he thinks that he has everything in hand. He knows all about the Bar Mitzvah. Max is the young man in question and he gets to taste everything. He decides t
hat he likes the soup made by the guys and the brisket made by the gals. The guys win the task by securing his vote for their hamburger. The men's team are treated to a day at a spa while the girls have to prepare everything for that night.

The party is being hosted by some party planner guy who is very annoying and Jean-Phillipe is not pleased. They clash a few times over the preparations for the night, but everything works out ok. The guys get back and they enter the kitchen to start cooking for the party. There are mess-ups as usual. Coi has a terrible night along with Andrea. J is still messing things up in the blue kitchen. Danny is in for an earful when he gets on the wrong side of Chef Ramsay. Lacey fails to heat up her brisket so she gets a hard time too. There is a very funny moment when the party planner drops the cake! (Watch the clip above)That has got to be staged! Nobody would drop a cake really!!!! It was very funny,though! The ladies team loses and Coi and L.A. are nominated for the chop. Coi gets kicked off and rightfully so. She had a few bad nights and she wasn't good enough. That's all for now, I will be back next week with more thrills and spills from the hottest kitchen in town!


Dorothy L said...

I love Hells Kitchen.
I rarely take time out to watch television per say....but i will for Hell's Kitchen.
Thanks for the video's.
Great blog by the way!

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