Monday, March 30, 2009

Hells Kitchen, Season 5, Episode 8 Recap

This week's show was very exciting. There were firings all over the place and there was more cat-fighting between bossy b***h Andrea and annoying Carol. Were they going to have a duel with meat cleavers? Was Lacey going to get kicked out once and for all? Last week saw the end of J and this week, there is going to be some more dead weight cut loose. It was challenge time again in Hell's Kitchen and it was gals versus boys. The cooks had to taste different foods and say what they were(watch clip above). I was laughing at the way they couldn't identify foods time after time. They are supposed to be professionals, but they are obviously amateurs. Danny and Carol did well identifying the ingredients of a soup cooked by Chef Ramsay, but most of the others were crap. None of the cooks could tell the difference between tuna and beef! Hello!!!!!Get a clue!!!!I could tell the difference between TUNA and BEEF and I ain't on the show!!!!!! The girls win the challenge and get their photographs taken for a magazine while the others wait on them and prep both kitchens.

Service begins and the blue team are arguing with Lacey again. What's new? They are moaning and whining about having to prep everything etc etc. The red kitchen is buzzing, but Carol is very slow on the meat section. Lacey is terrible with the meat section in her kitchen and she cracks under the pressure. All the rest of them just look on. Chef Ramsay gives her a talking to.
Robert splits his pants and keeps going! Carol keeps messing it up in the service. Andrea isn't immune to the Chef's wrath as she messes up too. She blames Carol!!! Lacey gets thrown out of the kitchen by the Chef. Bye bye Lacey!!! Everyone will be happy now.... Maybe not!!!The gals are still arguing. Carol and Andrea can't seem to help themselves. Carol is screwing up again and L.A. gets mad with her. The men's team are doing very well without Lacey and their food is up to standard every time. They finish their service first and they are pleased with themselves. Chef Ramsay closes the red kitchen as they cannot catch up now. He praises the blue team and tells the red team to pick two nominees for the chop. It ends up being Carol and L.A. and the chef asks them who else they would nominate and they tell him Andrea. The three women step forward and L.A. ends up going home. She wasn't great for the last few weeks and I think that she deserved to go home...Until next week....Keep cooking!!!


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