Friday, March 13, 2009

The Office, Season 5, Episode 17 Recap

This week's episode was very funny and it was good to see that this series is still funny even after 5 seasons.

Michael comes up with an idea about putting a golden ticket inside various boxes of paper, promising that the company who finds it will get a 10 percent discount on their paper purchases.
He dresses up like Willy Wonka and he has a very strange looking suit and hat! Everyone in the office is bemused by his latest antics. Meanwhile, Kevin wants to ask out the woman that he met the week before at the singles party and he gets advice from Andy, Jim and Pam. Andy gives him the worst advice ever! Jim and Pam tell him to go for it. Poor Kevin gets very confused!

Dwight, Michael and Jim are doing knock knock jokes and Dwight comes up with one about the KGB. You can see this is the clip above! Michael's idea about the golden ticket backfires when one company gets the 5 of them and they want a huge discount. Michael's boss is not pleased and Michael tries to dodge his phone calls. He is worried that he is going to get in big trouble. When he finally has to speak to his boss, he tells Michael that he could have cost the company loads of money.

Michael sets about trying to make Dwight admit that it was his idea and that he should take the fall for him.
This backfires when Michael's boss, David, comes in and tells Michael that it was a great idea after all and that he is very happy with it. Dwight is given the credit until Michael owns up and wants to take the credit for the idea from Dwight! David leaves, not knowing what is going on. Kevin decides to ask out the woman he likes instead of listening to all of the advice! This was a very funny episode! I will be back next week with more laughs!


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