Thursday, April 30, 2009

In the Mouth of Madness(1995)

This movie is directed by John Carpenter who also directed Halloween and The Fog which I have reviewed here. It stars Sam Neill and Charlton Heston. John Trent(Neill) is a private detective who deals with a lot of insurance fraud. He has been dragged to a mental institution and he is shouting and violent. He is visited by Dr. Wrenn(David Warner) who asks him why he is there. Trent tells him the whole story. It begins with John being attacked by some madman with an axe who asks him if he reads Sutter Cane. He is shot by the cops and John is shaken by this. John is offered a case by Arkane Publishing to find Sutter Cane(Jurgen Prochnow) who has disappeared. Sutter Cane is a hugely popular horror novel writer and he has gone missing. The director of the company,Jackson Harglow(Heston) sends John to find him, along with Linda Styles(Julie Carmen) who works for Arkane Publishing.John begins to read Cane's novels and he begins to realise that they are having bad effects on the readers. He begins to think that Hobb's End, a fictional town in Sutter Cane's novel, is real and he sets out to find it with Linda. This is when the weird things begin to happen to them. They hit some old guy who is cycling a bike, but he gets up and walks away. They eventually come to the town of Hobb's End. They check into a hotel run by Mrs. Pick(Frances Bay) who is in Cane's novel. The town seems to be identical to the one in Cane's book. There is a black church which is said to be evil. The townspeople want Cane to come out of the church and face them, but he sets dogs on them, so they run off. John wants to leave but Linda takes the car keys and she wanders into the church where she meets Sutter Cane. His new book is called "In the Mouth of Madness" and it is going to be his masterpiece. Linda begins to turn into something not human and John is horrified.He tries to escape the town as the town folk come after him,but they have also transformed into mutants. He can't get out of Hobb's End. He crashes his car after swerving to avoid hitting Linda. He wakes up in the church with Sutter Cane who tells him that he is going to take over the world with his new book. He is going to be a god and people will worship him. He will have his army of terrible creatures who will take over. He tells John that he is just a part of the book and that he has created him. John can't believe it. He tells John to bring the book back to the people and begin to destruction of mankind. John doesn't want to, but he has no choice. The book has been published already and John becomes nuts as he kills people with an axe because they have read the book. The doctor thinks that he is hallucinating and leaves him. John wakes to find his cell door taken off and he wanders around the hospital to see that everyone has gone. He enters a cinema where the movie version of "In The Mouth of Madness" is being shown and he sees himself on screen. He begins to laugh and then to sob with the horror of what is happening to the world...

I liked this movie but I didn't love it. I am going to give it a 7/10.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Evil Dead(1981)

Everyone knows this movie, of course. It is a huge cult classic. It is directed by Sam Raimi who also directed the sequels and the Spiderman movies. It stars Bruce Campbell. It was made on a very low- budget, but I think that that makes it even better! This film was given a hard time because of the gore in it and the violence. Of course, this helped it become even more popular!The story begins with five young college students who are travelling to a log cabin in the woods in Tennessee for a vacation together. They are enjoying themselves when they hear something in the cellar. Scott(Hal Delrich) goes to investigate and when he doesn't come back, Ash (Bruce Campbell) goes after him. They find a book and a tape down there and they bring it upstairs to see what it is. The book is actually a Book of The Dead and the tape contains an evil incantation which brings demons from the grave. The girls are not happy listening to the tape and they turn it off but it is too late. The demons have been reawakened. Cheryl(Ellen Sandweiss) is the first to be possessed by the evil spirits. She goes outside to see what is happening and she is caught by an evil tree but she escapes and makes her way back to the cabin to tell the others that there is something very wrong but they think that she has gone a bit funny.She wants to leave but they can't because the bridge has been knocked. She suddenly is possessed by the evil spirit and they push her down into the cellar after she stabs Ash's girlfriend,Linda(Betsy Baker) in the ankle with a pencil. They lock the cellar door so she can't come up. They don't know what to do and when Shelley(Sarah York) turns too, they have to dismember her otherwise she won't die. They bury her and Scott heads off, trying to find a way out of the woods. He is soon back , though as the trees attack him and won't let him go. He is injured badly and then Ash has to contend with Linda turning into a demon too. He is surrounded by the evil spirits and he has no choice but to take action. He has to attack Linda and he tries to bury her, but she won't stay dead. He hits her with a shovel, beheading her. He comes back to the cabin to find the cellar door open. Soon, Shelley is back to attack him and he has to fight her off. Scott has turned into a demon too and he is trying to attack Ash as he reaches for the Book of the Dead which seems to hold the key to the demons. As the book begins to burn, Scott's body burns as well so Ash figures that he needs to burn the book totally to get rid of the demons. He does this and the two demons fall apart in front of his eyes. He sighs with relief as they are gone. He walks outside into the sunshine and he is thankful that he has survives. Or has he? There is another demon alive and it is heading for Ash as the movie ends.... A real horror classic. This was great fun with lots of blood and gore for the horror fan. I am giving this one a 10/10.

Melissa and Joan Rivers Go Mental on The Apprentice!

This you gotta see! Melissa Rivers was sacked on The Apprentice and she had a little tantrum and her old hag of a mother joined in. Some of the things she said were way out of line. Take a look for yourselves and see...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bea Arthur(1922-2009)

I was saddened to hear that Bea Arthur has died, aged 86. I knew her, like a lot of people, from the great 80's show, The Golden Girls. She had some great lines in that show as the divorced Dorothy Zbornak who was living with her mother, Sophia (Estelle Getty who died last July aged 85), Rose(Betty White) and the horny Blanche (Rue McClanahan). This was a great show and Bea played her character perfectly. She was the less attractive of the girls in the show, but she was always funny and she was well-able to deal with Sophia's sarcasm. I will always remember her and Estelle Getty from that classic show and I am sure that most people will too. She will be missed...

Hells Kitchen Uk Season 4 Finale!

Well, last night was the finale of this years series of Hell's Kitchen UK. Marco and the two remaining celebs were waiting with racing hearts to see who was going to be crowned the winner. Firstly, there was a recap of what had happened since the start of Hell's Kitchen. Adrian and Linda were treated to a flashback of their best moments and then they were told to make lunch for Marco and another chef Raymond Blanc. Linda won the challenge even though Adrian's was very good too... The second challenge was for each of the finalists to pick from a list of the other celebs and to form two teams with two of their favourite celebs so Linda chose Bruce and Anthea and Adrian picked Naomi and Danielle. The two finalists did very well and I think that Adrian is the better cook and he ran his team way better than Linda, who looked lost in the kitchen. Anyway, the moment of truth finally came and the public voted Linda the winner. I was shocked by this decision. Adrian was the better finalist by a mile, but hey, who knows what some people are thinking? The best person doesn't always win in these competitions as they are more of a popularity contest than a skills contest. If it had been based on performance, Adrian would have won, hands down.. Anyway, that is the end of the UK Hell's Kitchen for another year...

Monday, April 27, 2009

The House on Sorority Row (1983)

This is a low-budget slasher movie with some familiar faces. I had never heard of it until recently and when I watched it, I could see why. It wasn't crappy or anything, but there wasn't much gore or creepiness to it as far as I could see, but then I guess we all have expectations of blood and gore when we watch horror movies nowadays.... The movie begins at a sorority house(who would have guessed!) and some girls who have just graduated from college. They are going to have a party in their house,but their house mother, Mrs. Slater(Lois Kelso Hunt) wants to put a stop to it and she tells them that they have to get out of the house. They decide to play a prank on her. One of the girls, Vicki(Eileen Davidson) gets a gun from her boyfriend and they take Slater's cane which she always uses and puts it in the pool. They make her get into the pool to retrieve it at gunpoint, but everything goes wrong and Kim kills her. The girls are shocked. Katherine(Kate McNeil) wants to call the cops but the others won't let her so they weigh the body down and leave it in the pool. They have their party and they think that Slater is at the bottom of the pool. They are all upset over what has happened and Katherine is plagued by her conscience. They find out that the body has disappeared from the pool and they are all shaken. How has she gotten out? The girls begin to disappear as an unknown killer is stalking them and picking them off, one by one. The remaining girls find Slater's body and they plan to take it to the cemetery to bury it where no one will discover it. Katherine is exploring the attic where Mrs. Slater spent a lot of her time and there are toys and birthday cards for a child up there. She finds a disc on a chain which has a phone number on it to be called in an emergency. She dials the number and she gets through to a doctor Beck(Christopher Lawrence) who comes over and tells her to stay where she is. He arrives at the house and tells her that Slater was losing her mind and when Katherine tells him that some of the girls can't be found, he wonders what is happening. He begins to talk about Eric, Mrs. Slater's son who was born to her years ago, but who was deformed or something and that he is back looking for revenge for his mother's death..He had been living in the house and saw what happened to mommy! Dr. Beck tries to trap him, but ends up dead. Vicki tries to bury Slater at the cemetery but she ends up dead too. Katherine is the only one left and she lures Eric up to the attic and she stabs him and he falls down dead(?). She collapses and passes out and we see that Eric really isn't dead after all..... This was entertaining but not brilliant. I am going to give it a 7/10. There is going to be some lame-ass remake of this out soon, so catch the original before they spoil it!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hells Kitchen Uk, Season 4 Update

Well, tonight was the first night that the public got to vote on who was their favourite celeb in Hell's Kitchen. There were four remaining celebs and they got to wear a scarf around their heads like Marco! There was plenty of laughing as they had to cook an egg dish for the chef... The time came for one of them to be sacked and everyone was wondering who it could be. Linda? Adrian?Danielle or Naomi? It ended up being Naomi or M Dynamite as she is called. I had never heard of her before Hell's Kitchen and I guess that I won't hear of her again. Well, there were only three left last night as the public voted and Danielle was kicked off! So now, in the final are Adrian and Linda, just as I'd hoped. I am looking forward to the final cook off and then it will be all over for another season.. I will let you know who won the whole thing on Monday!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Rats A.K.A. Deadly Eyes(1982)

I had read the book of the same name by James Herbert and I hadn't realised that there was a film too. It isn't very well-known, but it is well worth seeing as it is well-made and well- acted too. I was surprised to find that a lot of people did not like it and I wonder why. Judging by some of the crap that passes for horror movies these days, this ain't half bad! It is directed by Robert Clouse who directed the great Bruce Lee film Enter the Dragon.
It begins with Paul Harris(Sam Groom) who is a high school teacher and a basketball coach. He is annoyed by a student, Trudy(Lisa Langlois) who thinks that she is in love with him. He meets another woman, Kelly(Sara Botsford) who is a health department inspector. She is having some grain burned because it contains steroids and there were rats nibbling at it. What she doesn't know is that the rats have mutated into a 'super rat' and that they are the size of a dog and they are extremely aggressive. They kill a baby and a young woman. They bite a young man through his hand and the doctors are baffled by the sheer size of the bite. They wonder what sort of large animal bit him. There are many more attacks and as another inspector goes down into the sewers, he quickly becomes rat food too! Kelly begins to become very close to Paul and they become lovers. They find out about the death in the sewers and Kelly wonders about these rats which seem to be a different strain from the normal ones. Paul calls his friend, professor Dr. Spencer (Cec Linder), a rat expert. He seems to think that it is unlikely that the rats could be a large size and that they don't attack humans. The sewers are sprayed with rodent killer, but this has no effect. Then, the best part of the movie starts when the rats enter a movie theatre and attack people at will. This scene is brilliant as people are knocked to the ground by giant, mutant rats!!!! People fall to the ground and are eaten immediately! One poor guy at a bowling alley is killed by more rats. Funnily enough, the film that they are watching is Game of Death, starring Bruce Lee!! Meanwhile, the mayor is taking the subway at a newly opened station and little does he know that this is where the rats are! The train runs well for a few minutes, but the rats chew through the cables and the train is stranded in a dark tunnel. People disembark, but the rats are on the rampage and not everyone is lucky. Paul gets a call from his rat expert professor who tells him that there is an epidemic. The rats have mutated and they are killing people! Paul rushes to the subway station where Kelly is with his son and he tries to get them out of there as people are being attacked by the mutant rats! They are cornered at one stage and they have to lock themselves into a little space, but the rats are battering the fence and they have to kill them with a shovel. They manage to get a blow torch and set fire to them and blow them up.. All is well as they get the train moving again and ride back to the people who got off. But as the train pulls in, people are horrified to look in a carriage and see dozens of huge, black, horrible rats gnawing om some poor man's body.... A giant rat looks at the camera with his huge teeth bared....

This was really good and even though it was different from the book, I think that it did it justice. I found that the scenes with the rats were great and they were scary. I would watch this again and I am going to give it a 9/1o.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hells Kitchen UK, Season 4 Update.

Well, tonight's episode was very entertaining. The celebs were working away, sweating over a hot stove and serving the other z- list celebs at the tables! Marco was going to sack another one and he let them know that it could be any of them.. Adrian was giving out about Anthea because she never stops yapping! She is very irritating and the others agreed with him that she never shuts up.Adrian had a bad service, though and he was sure that he would be fired.Naomi had a chat with Marco and told him that she wanted to go home, but he changed her mind and he told her that she shouldn't give up, so she decided that she did want to stay after all. The sacking time came around and the celebs sat nervously around the table and looked nervously at Marco as he cast his evil eye on them... In the end, he sacked Anthea(yay!) because he felt that she hadn't learned anything in Hell's Kitchen and that she wasn't coming along like the others. So there are four left- Linda, Naomi, Adrian and Danielle. Tomorrow night, the public votes who is to go, so that will be interesting. I like Adrian and Linda, so I hope that it will be those two in the final. We shall see...

Hells Kitchen UK, Season 4 Update!

Well, last night was an exciting one. The celebs were under pressure as Marco increased the tables by 20. Naomi had a terrible night and it became clear that she wanted to get out of Hell's Kitchen. She kept moaning and giving out about being on potatoes that I wished she DID go. Adrian took over the pass and did a hilarious impression of Marco, shouting and swearing! It was very funny. He can really impersonate Marco very well. Bruce was visited by his wife and he got quite emotional when she gave him a hug and kiss.The time came for someone to be sacked and I thought that it was going to be Naomi, but Bruce piped up and told Marco that he wanted to go because the others deserved to stay more than he did! I didn't believe that for a minute. He had enough of it and just wanted to go home to his wife! Why didn't he just say that instead of trying to exit gracefully? He left and everyone was in shock, including me! I thought that he was a good worker and that he had the potential to win it! Well, that is another celeb gone so now there are only 5... Who will get the chop tonight? I will inform you tomorrow......

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me(1981)

This movie is a real 1980's classic horror movie. There are bizarre death scenes and lots of suspects and it is very entertaining too! It is directed by J. Lee Thompson and it stars Melissa Sue Anderson and Glenn Ford.
The movie begins with a young woman, Bernadette O' Hara heading out for a night out with friends. She is attending Crawford Academy and she is one of the 'top ten' most popular students in the school. She is meant to meet her friends at The Silent Woman, a pub where they meet all of the time. She is followed and chased by a killer who eventually slits her throat. The clue is that she seems to know her killer. The gang are at the pub and they wonder where she is. They are all rich kids and they are all obnoxious except for Ginny(Anderson). Bernadette is missed, but they think that she is playing some sort of trick on them so they don't worry. They play a game with their cars on the way home and Ginny freaks out as they try to cross the bridge as it is going up. She runs off after she jumps out of the car. Someone follows her home, sneaks into her bedroom and steals her underwear. The next day, we find that Ginny has had brain surgery after an accident and that is why she was so upset about the bridge incident. Her mother was killed in the accident and she survived. The killings continue with one guy getting stragled by his scarf as it gets stuck in his motorbike. Another popular guy is crushed by his weights! The geek, Alfred, is stabbed- by Ginny! You begin to wonder what is happening now. Is she really killing people? She is left on her own when her dad goes away on business and she invites another of the popular bunch around to her place where he is murdered by a kebab! You just have to see that one! We are treated to a flashback of Ginny's mother and the accident and we find out that she tried to cross the bridge whenit was closed, but the car pluged into the river, killing her, but Ginny swam to safety as her mother drowned. Ginny's doctor, finds her in a state and he tries to tell her that is imagining everything and that she hasn't killed anyone, but he gets a shock when she stabs him with a poker and kills him!Her dad arrives home to find the place splattered with blood and Ginny gone. He tries to find her and he discovers the body of the doctor near a cottage where Ginny has gone. He enters the cottage and he finds the bodies of all Ginny's friends. They are all seated around a table and Ginny comes out with a cake for her birthday. She has dug up her mother's body and she is seated at the table also. Daddy is killed and then Ginny goes over to one of the bodies and we see that this girl isn't dead. It is Ginny! Are they twins? No, it is Ginny's best friend, Ann who has been killing everyone. Ann's dad had an affair with Ginny's mom and Ginny is really his daughter. So, Ann and Ginny are sisters and Ann isn't happy about it!!! She tries to kill Ginny, but stabs herslef in the process. Some detective witnesses this and the thinks that Ginny is the killer and she just stands there and sings 'Happy Birthday to Me'..... This was a good movie, with some great scenes. I would recommend it to any horror movie fan. It's great fun! I am giving it an 8/10.

Hells Kitchen UK, Season 4

I am back with a quick post. This week on Hell's Kitchen was fun as the celebs were tested and they were all under pressure! Everyone wondered who was going to go last night as Marco told them that there were a few people he had his eye on. They all sat around the table and they told him why they wanted to stay etc. Adrian was kept in, as well as Danielle, Linda and Naomi. Anthea was kept in, so that left Grant who was sacked. He wasn't very good in the kitchen anyway and I think that Marco made the right choice! Anthea was very upset and she was acting like a sulky child, while the others rejoiced as they didn't really like Grant anyway as he was such a bossy boots! Bruce could sit back and watch the fun as he was immune from sacking. I will be back with the next celeb to be kicked off soon!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Dark Reel(2008)

I hadn't heard much about this movie and I decided to watch it today. I wasn't crazy about it, but I wouldn't slate it, either. I think that it was entertaining up to a point. It stars Tiffany Shepis and Edward Furlong and it is directed by Josh Eisenstadt. In the 1950's a young woman called Scarlett May meets a man who claims to be auditioning actresses for some movie and he takes her to a sound stage where he tells her to audition. She soon finds that everything is not what it seems and she is murdered and hacked up by some psycho.Fifty years later, a young horror movie fan, Adam(Furlong) enters a competition for a walk on part in a movie called Pirate Wench. He wins it and he gets to meet he cast and crew. He meets Cassie Blue(Shepis) and she is nice to him whereas the rest of them are creeps. Adam and Cassie get on very well, much to the annoyance of the director, Derek(Jeffrey Vincent Parise).One of the actresses in the movie turns up dead and it seems that there is a crazed killer on the loose! The killer is wearing a blonde wig and some sort of mask. There are parts in the movie which are funny and I think that it is meant to be a horror/comedy. The cops are investigating, but the cops seem a bit strange too as well as everyone else in this movie. Everyone is a suspect and Adam finds himself being investigated too. He and Cassie become closer as all of this is happening and it seems that it all links back to the horrific murder of Scarlett May in the 1950's. Adam had pictures of her in his apartment and he thinks that he has seen her on the screen while the cast are watching their movie. Adam and Cassie break into the house of the producer Connor Pritchett, played by Lance Henriksen to find some old reels of Scarlett May when she was alive but Connor acts weirdly and he tries to get rid of them, then kills himself when visited by Scarlett(I was getting confused here too!).Anyway, the killer turns out to be Scarlett May's son(who looks a bit young to be born in the 1950's) who wants to kill everyone including Adam. He tries to kill them, but Cassie kills him by sticking a scissors into his throat. That is that. The end of the movie shows Adam and Cassie still together and Adam is getting a name for himself now... They are at the premiere of their movie when Scarlett May appears on the screen and points at them...(I didnt really get it). Not the best movie I have seen in a while, but it isn't too bad to pass away a couple of hours. I am going to give it a 5.5/10.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hells Kitchen UK, Season 4

Some people might not have seen the English Version of Hell's Kitchen which was the original series in 2004. Gordon Ramsay was the first chef to be in charge of it but he dropped out and another chef, Marco Pierre-White(pictured below)took over. Marco is a bit of an eccentric guy. He has some strange ways about him, but he is fair and not as vocal as Gordon. The fourth series has eight 'celebrities'(z-listers) vying to be the winner of Hell's Kitchen.The Celebrites are: Anthea Turner(TV Presenter), her husband Grant Bovey(Businessman), comedian Adrian Edmonson, goalkeeper Bruce Grobelaar, actress Linda Evans, actor Jody Latham,footballer's wife Danielle Bux and singer Ms.Dynamite. If you haven't heard of these people before, don't worry, a lot of people haven't. Some of them are well known to people in Britain and Ireland, but to other people, they might not seem familiar. So, these celebrities are being trained by the chef who trained Gordon Ramsay. Marco and Gordon have a long running feud between them and they are not friends any longer. The celebs are very nervous of Marco as he has been known to be very angry when his standards aren't met. The celebrities were called to a meeting last night and they were all asked who should be fired.
They all agreed that Jody(pictured above) was the candidate to go home and he was kicked off! He had a bad night the other night and he fell out with all of the other celebs. I guess that this was their way of making sure he paid for his mistakes! I'm not sure when the next person is going to go but I will let you know when it happens!

Hell's Kitchen, Season 5, Episode 11 Recap.

It's that time again! Hell's Kitchen is back with another exciting episode. There are some real twists and turns in this episode as I will reveal. Last week, Giovanni was tossed out of Hell's Kitchen. Who will it be this week? Will Andrea finally get what she deserves and be fired by Chef Ramsay or will Ben shut up, ever???? This episode began where the last one left off, with Chef Ramsay telling them that he is shutting down Hell's Kitchen(like that was really going to happen!!!). They are stunned and Robert becomes very emotional as he thinks that his dream is being taken away from him, but it is all a ruse as Chef Ramsay tells them that they are going to Atlantic City to see the Borgota Hotel where one of them will be working if they win. They are taken in a private plane to the hotel and there, they are greeted by some hot babes. Robert is very impressed and he wants to take the babes with him!They are given a tour of the resort and they are really impressed by everything that they see.(Watch the Clip Above) They are having dinner with the executive chef from the hotel when Robert suddenly walks out. It turns out that he is not feeling well and that he has to go to hospital where he is having tests. The others get a call from him and they are all very sorry to hear that he is in hospital. They have to return to Hell's Kitchen without him and they wonder how he is doing.Chef Ramsay brings Robert back to tell them how he is feeling himself. He tells them that he has a heart condition and that he is not going to be able to continue on at Hell's Kitchen. It is an emotional scene as everyone hugs him and he has to leave. Robert was a contender, but he is better off finishing up now rather than making himself ill. The show must go on, though, and the others have to cook their own signature dish for Chef Ramsay. Andrea ends up winning and her prize is that she is safe from elimination no matter what happens tonight. Everyone else is p****d off at her and they all feel that she would have been the next one to go if she hadn't been safe. The service begins and Andrea begins to mess up with the fish. She sends it out raw and it keeps happening throughout the night. The others are so annoyed with her because she is affecting the team with her slacking. She is holding up Ben who gets into trouble too. He is kicked out of the kitchen by Chef Ramsay, but he comes back.Andrea is by far the worst cook in the kitchen and she is helped by Danny and Paula as she can't get her fish right. The service ends and everyone is amazed by how bad Andrea was. They are told to pick two people to send up for elimination and they choose Ben and Paula. Chef Ramsay admits that if Andrea was not safe, she would be going home. He decides to let them all stay this week. So, Robert has gone and there are only four left. My favourite is Danny. I think that he works hard and he doesn't talk as much as the others. He is a dark horse and I think that he could be in the final....

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Stepfather 2(1989)

He's back!!!!!!Make Room for Daddy!!The Stepfather is back in this entertaining sequel. Terry O' Quinn reprises the role.In the last movie, he was stabbed and we thought that he was dead for sure, but not so. He has a habit of coming back again and again..... Set a few years after the original, this movie begins with 'Jerry Blake' in a mental institution after the events of the first movie. He was sent to an institution when it was decided that he was not in charge of his actions. Jerry is with his psychiatrist when he decides to kill him and escape dressed as a guard. He wants to become a member of society again. He wants to find his perfect family unit and settle down once again. He sets himself up as Dr. Gene Clifford , a marriage counsellor!! He has plenty of patients who have no idea who he really is. He meets a real estate agent, Carol(Meg Foster) and he likes her immediately.She rents a house to him and he is taken with her. She lives across the road with her son,Todd(Johnathan Brandis). Gene becomes friendly with them and everything begins to go very well for him. Todd likes him too and the two forge a bond between them. But, it is not going to be as easy as Gene thought. Carol's ex-husband turns up and puts a spanner in the works. You just know that he is going to get in Gene's way and we all know what happens then.... Poor Phil, the ex-husband, ends up dead when Gene gets his hands on him and he disposes of the body where nobody will ever find it...Gene and Carol decide to get married and everything is fine for a while, but as more and more questions are being asked, poor Gene is having to dispose of more people and his cosy life is being threatened. As the wedding nears, Carol is having second thoughts about her husband to be. Is he really the man she thought he was? She is going to find out, one way or the other.... This movie was good, but not great. The original was superior, but this sequel is decent anyhow. I will give it 7/10.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Haunting of Molly Hartley(2008)

This movie is not really one that I had heard anything about and I wouldn't say that it is the best one I have seen this year. It is directed by a guy called Mickey Liddell and it stars Haley Bennett as Molly and Jake Weber as her dad. The movie begins with a young girl who is lured up into the woods by her boyfriend who gives her a birthday present. She is about to turn eighteen and her dad follows the couple and drags her out to his car. He begins to speak about strange things in the car and they crash. He kills her to save her from something...We cut to Molly Hartley(Bennett) who has moved to a new town with her dad,Robert(Weber). There is something strange about Molly as she and her dad discuss her mother who tried to kill her and who has ended up in an asylum. Molly is starting in a new school and she meets a strange religious girl, Alexis(Shanna Collins) who befriends her at once. She also meets the 'cute guy' of the school, rich kid Joseph(Chace Crawford). He likes her at once much to the annoyance of his girlfriend, Suzie(AnnaLynne McCord) and her gang of cows. So, the movie continues as a teen drama really which made me want to switch off, but I kept it going just to see the end. Molly sees strange things and she hears voices in her head and when she has a nosebleed in class and blacks out at home, she is taken to the hospital where it is discovered that she has a small tumour which is operated on. She recovers well and soon, she is back at school. She has an appointment with the counsellor, Dr Emerson(Nina Siemaszko) who reassures her that she is okay. Molly keeps seeing her mother everywhere and she remembers what happened to her that day. Her mother stabbed her with scissors as she was trying to 'save' her from something. Molly finds out in the end that her mom and dad made a pact with the devil to save Molly from dying on the day she was born. So, Molly is shocked when she forced to kill her mother who has come from the asylum to finish the job. Then she hits her dad over the head when he tells her the truth. She goes to find Alexis who tells her that she can be saved if she is baptized. Molly agrees and they go to a church to get her baptized. Alexis tries to kill her too, so Molly murders her also. She runs to find Joseph, but he is one of them....Molly has been promised to the dark side once she turns eighteen and it is almost time. She finds out that there are lots of people who want to see her get her powers and convert to the darkness..Dr Emerson is also one of them and she tells her that the pact can be broken is she kills hr dad which she cant do. She stabs herself but it is too late and she can't die. Her dad ends up in an asylum and Molly walks away from him, telling the doctor that he is better off. She meets Joseph and they graduate...They are both together now and Molly has become what she was afraid of.....

An okay movie, but nothing special. I wouldn't watch it again. I'm going to give it a 5/10.
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