Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Haunting of Molly Hartley(2008)

This movie is not really one that I had heard anything about and I wouldn't say that it is the best one I have seen this year. It is directed by a guy called Mickey Liddell and it stars Haley Bennett as Molly and Jake Weber as her dad. The movie begins with a young girl who is lured up into the woods by her boyfriend who gives her a birthday present. She is about to turn eighteen and her dad follows the couple and drags her out to his car. He begins to speak about strange things in the car and they crash. He kills her to save her from something...We cut to Molly Hartley(Bennett) who has moved to a new town with her dad,Robert(Weber). There is something strange about Molly as she and her dad discuss her mother who tried to kill her and who has ended up in an asylum. Molly is starting in a new school and she meets a strange religious girl, Alexis(Shanna Collins) who befriends her at once. She also meets the 'cute guy' of the school, rich kid Joseph(Chace Crawford). He likes her at once much to the annoyance of his girlfriend, Suzie(AnnaLynne McCord) and her gang of cows. So, the movie continues as a teen drama really which made me want to switch off, but I kept it going just to see the end. Molly sees strange things and she hears voices in her head and when she has a nosebleed in class and blacks out at home, she is taken to the hospital where it is discovered that she has a small tumour which is operated on. She recovers well and soon, she is back at school. She has an appointment with the counsellor, Dr Emerson(Nina Siemaszko) who reassures her that she is okay. Molly keeps seeing her mother everywhere and she remembers what happened to her that day. Her mother stabbed her with scissors as she was trying to 'save' her from something. Molly finds out in the end that her mom and dad made a pact with the devil to save Molly from dying on the day she was born. So, Molly is shocked when she forced to kill her mother who has come from the asylum to finish the job. Then she hits her dad over the head when he tells her the truth. She goes to find Alexis who tells her that she can be saved if she is baptized. Molly agrees and they go to a church to get her baptized. Alexis tries to kill her too, so Molly murders her also. She runs to find Joseph, but he is one of them....Molly has been promised to the dark side once she turns eighteen and it is almost time. She finds out that there are lots of people who want to see her get her powers and convert to the darkness..Dr Emerson is also one of them and she tells her that the pact can be broken is she kills hr dad which she cant do. She stabs herself but it is too late and she can't die. Her dad ends up in an asylum and Molly walks away from him, telling the doctor that he is better off. She meets Joseph and they graduate...They are both together now and Molly has become what she was afraid of.....

An okay movie, but nothing special. I wouldn't watch it again. I'm going to give it a 5/10.


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