Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hells Kitchen UK, Season 4 Update.

Well, tonight's episode was very entertaining. The celebs were working away, sweating over a hot stove and serving the other z- list celebs at the tables! Marco was going to sack another one and he let them know that it could be any of them.. Adrian was giving out about Anthea because she never stops yapping! She is very irritating and the others agreed with him that she never shuts up.Adrian had a bad service, though and he was sure that he would be fired.Naomi had a chat with Marco and told him that she wanted to go home, but he changed her mind and he told her that she shouldn't give up, so she decided that she did want to stay after all. The sacking time came around and the celebs sat nervously around the table and looked nervously at Marco as he cast his evil eye on them... In the end, he sacked Anthea(yay!) because he felt that she hadn't learned anything in Hell's Kitchen and that she wasn't coming along like the others. So there are four left- Linda, Naomi, Adrian and Danielle. Tomorrow night, the public votes who is to go, so that will be interesting. I like Adrian and Linda, so I hope that it will be those two in the final. We shall see...


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