Friday, April 17, 2009

The Stepfather 2(1989)

He's back!!!!!!Make Room for Daddy!!The Stepfather is back in this entertaining sequel. Terry O' Quinn reprises the role.In the last movie, he was stabbed and we thought that he was dead for sure, but not so. He has a habit of coming back again and again..... Set a few years after the original, this movie begins with 'Jerry Blake' in a mental institution after the events of the first movie. He was sent to an institution when it was decided that he was not in charge of his actions. Jerry is with his psychiatrist when he decides to kill him and escape dressed as a guard. He wants to become a member of society again. He wants to find his perfect family unit and settle down once again. He sets himself up as Dr. Gene Clifford , a marriage counsellor!! He has plenty of patients who have no idea who he really is. He meets a real estate agent, Carol(Meg Foster) and he likes her immediately.She rents a house to him and he is taken with her. She lives across the road with her son,Todd(Johnathan Brandis). Gene becomes friendly with them and everything begins to go very well for him. Todd likes him too and the two forge a bond between them. But, it is not going to be as easy as Gene thought. Carol's ex-husband turns up and puts a spanner in the works. You just know that he is going to get in Gene's way and we all know what happens then.... Poor Phil, the ex-husband, ends up dead when Gene gets his hands on him and he disposes of the body where nobody will ever find it...Gene and Carol decide to get married and everything is fine for a while, but as more and more questions are being asked, poor Gene is having to dispose of more people and his cosy life is being threatened. As the wedding nears, Carol is having second thoughts about her husband to be. Is he really the man she thought he was? She is going to find out, one way or the other.... This movie was good, but not great. The original was superior, but this sequel is decent anyhow. I will give it 7/10.


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