Friday, May 15, 2009

Hells Kitchen Season 5 Finale!!!

Well, this is what we have been waiting for. All those weeks of waiting and wondering who was going to be in the final..It is Danny and Paula, both of whom I have been certain would make it to the final two. Andrea was kicked off FINALLY!!!! I was delighted to see her go as she wasn't half as talented as she made herself out to be. Danny has been consistently good and so has Paula. So, the final two got to design their own restaurant . Paula went for a sunny type of place with lots of bright colours. Danny wanted a seafood- themed restaurant and he wanted it to be a place where you could relax. The two chefs went to Atlantic City where they were met by Chef Ramsay and a host of guests. They had to cook a three course meal for some chefs and they would taste it and choose their favourite. Danny won that challenge, much to his delight. Meanwhile, back at Hell's Kitchen, Danny and Paula's family members were keeping an eye on the designer of the restaurant to make sure that everything was being done just like they wanted. They went back to Hells' Kitchen were they were greeted with some faces from the past. Some of the other contestants were there to lend a hand for the final service. Yes, Lacey came back!!!! Danny chose Ben, Giovanni and Carol whilst Paula had L.A., Andrea(ugh!) and Lacey!!!! The two chefs then made their preparations for that nights service. Paula finds that Lacey has messed up her creme brulee and that they have curdled.. She is not happy and everyone in the kitchen feels that Lacey should go home! But the worst cook is Andrea who keeps burning her fish and messing everything up. Paula begins to feel that she is a liability not an asset to her team. Danny, meanwhile, is doing very well and he really looks and sounds like a chef. The service goes very well for him and Paula's team finally pull it together. Finally, they finish and it is time for the winner.. The usual tension builds up as the two chefs are standing at two doors.WATCH CLIP ABOVE!!Chef Ramsay tells them that the chef who can open their door is the winner of Hell's Kitchen. The two chefs turn the handles and...It is......DANNY! I was very happy with this decision because Danny was the most consistently good chef in the competition. Over the entire competition, he rarely made any mistakes and he learned more than anyone else. Paula was good, but she was not great compared to Danny. He was so delighted that he hugged his dad and his girlfriend..The past winners were present too. It was funny to see Michael, Heather, Christina and Rock. Now Danny will be joining them as a real winner... Well, that is all from Hell's Kitchen for another season. I am looking forward to the next one already!!!


Anonymous said...

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chef of hell kitchen said...

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