Saturday, May 30, 2009

Obsessed Movie Review 25

Obsessed is a movie starring Beyonce Knowles, Idris Elba from the Office and Ali Larter from Heroes. Idris Elba plays an executive called Derek Charles who gets Lisa(Larter), a temporary secretary but straight away, she sets her sights on him and she is determined to be with him romantically. Beyonce plays his wife,Sharon and Jerry O' Connell from Sliders and Stand by Me is a work colleague,Ben.

Charles just humours Lisa at first, but when she goes too far at a Christmas party, he realises that she is crazy. She tries to seduce him with no effect. He lets her know that he is married and that he is not going to do anything with her. She doesn't get the hint, though. Things go from there and this movie turns into a below average stalker film cliche where nobody but Charles realises that she is crazy. She manipulates everyone and she makes it look as if they were having a steamy affair and naturally, everyone believes her! The movie goes along as you might expect with her craziness getting worse and things eventually come to a head. If you have seen 'Play Misty For Me' starring Clint Eastwood, then you will know exactly how this movie is going to go.

This movie is not as good as that one and it is produced by Beyonce herself so you just know she is guaranteed a big part! When you produce a movie,be sure to make your part a key one! There is the inevitable end fight sequence in the home of Derek and Sharon and as usual in these movies, there is a huge house with endless stairs and balconies and a gigantic attic! There are also huge chandeliers and huge rooms all ready to have a fight scene in! I'm still waiting to see a movie where the main couple live in a one-bedroom apartment! They always have massive houses with rooms bigger than my house!! This movie was also similar to Disclosure starring Michael Douglas but it is only a poor relation.

Idris Elba was okay as Derek Charles and Beyonce was poor as his wife. Don't look for her in the Academy Awards this year! The beautiful Ali Larter made this movie better by her mere presence and by her prancing around in her undies!But, this movie is nothing new. There are no surprises and the final fight is unintentionally funny and a cliche! Just put a psycho together with an attic, balcony, a glass table and a chandelier and the end writes itself!!! I wouldn't bother with this movie unless there is nothing else on or if you like watching Ali Larter in her nice underwear as seen above!!!

Obsessed (3/10)


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