Saturday, July 4, 2009

Bane Movie Review 37

Bane is written, produced and directed by James Eaves and it stars Sophia Dawnay,Lisa Devlin,Tina Barnes and Jessica Eaves.
It is an English movie which starts off like Cube which I have reviewed here. We see four women being dragged and put into a room that is in a test facility. It seems quite interesting at first, but then veers off into what-is-going-on territory as nothing is explained. When an alien turned up complete with tentacles flailing about, that was clearly a guy in a costume, Bane turned into a comedy. It was obviously made with a tight budget but that is not the problem.Thirty-one minutes into this and I had no idea what was going on with each prisoner being asked questions by a guy with huge lips and wearing a lab coat but they had clearly lost their memories.
Then a guy dressed in a bloody coat and a huge knife showed up and then there are guards in masks. The whole movie is a complete mess. It's low budget was not too bad, it was just that the story is silly and I soon lost all interest. Amanda and I saw Rose of Death which she reviewed here and that was cheaply made, but at least it was interesting which is more than I can say for this mess.Bane was better made but was very silly and boring. Don't bother checking this out and avoid it. I could say that this movie was the bane of my life, but I would never dream, of saying such a thing! Bane(o/10)


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