Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Jennifer's Body Trailer

This movie looks very silly, but I will put the trailer up anyway. It just seems like a vehicle for Megan Fox to go around looking hot all the time... When I saw that it was from the creators of Juno, I nearly gagged. I guess if you are a teenage boy, then this movie will be for you. I am just interested in the horror element. There might be some decent gore in this one. Watch the trailer anyway and see if this cross between 90210/The Exorcist is for you!!!Enjoy!


Jennifer's Body said...

This film actually does harm to people... it steals money, time, and happiness. There is no word for how bad this film is.

nit said...

Jennifer's Body is an awesome horror movie. It is so scary that gave a spine-tingling experience to me. I love this movie very much. You can watch Jennifer's Body movie from here with great quality.

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