Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hells Kitchen US Finale!!!!

This is it! The final two episodes of Hells Kitchen and we get to see who is going to be the winner! Will it be Dave who has battled through the series with a broken wrist? Or will it be Kevin, who can be very good at what he does, but whose ego is very large. Or will it be Ariel who is a good cook, but she doesn't have consistency like the other two.. We shall see...

So, Tenille departed last week and we are left with the final three. Chef Ramsay tells them that there is a challenge for them. He has three covered dishes and underneath them are the names of three countries. The chefs has to choose one of them each and then cook something that is native from that country. Kevin gets Mexico, Ariel gets China and Dave gets India which he is not happy about. They are going to be judged by some chefs who cook each type of food. So, each of them make their dishes and serve them up to the judges. Dave wins the challenge, much to his own surprise. He gets to have a meal cooked by each of the chefs and he gets to have it with his fiance and his sister. Kevin is furious. You can tell from the way that he looks at Dave , he is raging about losing. He thinks that he is better than everyone else and that he will win hands down. But, he didn't win.

That evening, they each have to take a turn on the pass. They each do it and they do well. That night, Chef Ramsay has to choose two people to go through to the finals. He chooses Dave and Kevin. I thought that it would be those two in the final and I was happy with that!So, there is another final challenge to complete. Each chef has to cook a dish and food critics and chefs will choose which one is the best. Kevin and Dave are both level, but Dave's dish is just that bit better so he wins the final challenge! It is back to the kitchen and the final service. Each of the chefs gets to choose from the past contestants who show up. Dave picks Ariel,Suzanne and Robert while Kevin chooses Van, Suzanne and Amanda. They begin service and Dave's menu seems to be easier and simpler than Kevin's complicated one. Dave is doing well for a while and then things slow down a bit. Kevin is struggling to keep up with Dave and he is frustrated with Amanda who is messing everything up. He has to change her station as she can't cope with it and he regrets choosing her. They both finish up and the moment of truth arrives!!!

This is the part that I love.(watch the clip above)There are two door and the two finalists have to turn the handle and whichever door opens, that person wins. I was sure that it was really close between Dave and Kevin, but I wanted Dave to win. He has been good all the way through and he has survived with one broken wrist! I thought that he showed a lot of strength to keep going when others would have quit the show. So, the handles turn and.........Dave wins!!! I was delighted with that as he was truly deserving of it!! All of the other finalists for the previous shows are there and everyone celebrates! What a great ending to a great season!!! I will be back when the next season shows and I will begin a new season of Hell's Kitchen!!!That is all for now...


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