Friday, October 9, 2009

The Office, Season 6, Episode 3 Recap

So, I just want to say before I do my recap that this Jim/Michael co- manager thing doesn't sit right with me at all. It just seems a bit wrong and I don't get it. I love the Office, but this storyline isn't great. Hopefully, it is just temporary and they change it back... So, last week saw Jim and Michael become co-managers. This week, Dwight needs someone to sign his expense report and he runs to Michael who refuses because he thinks that it is Jim's job. Jim tells Dwight to say please, which he won't. Then, Dwight runs back to Michael to complain about Jim and vice-versa. Dwight is annoyed that HE didn't get the promotion and he doesn't like having Jim as his boss. Pam is being asked by people about wedding presents and she tries to persuade them that she would like money instead of a present, but people don't seem to get the hint. David Wallace calls Jim and Michael and tells them that there isn't enough money for raises for everyone in the office. The two of them have to decide what to do. Jim decides to give raises to the salespeople only.

He steps up and tells everyone in the office and they get really mad at him. Michael stands in the background and watches Jim get a taste of what Michael had to put up with before. Jim retreats into his office with Michael and they both wonder what to do. Then Michael comes up with the idea of giving people a raise based on Merit and they put every one's picture on the table and use beans to see who is most deserving of a raise. Of course, they can't keep it secret for long and Dwight shows everyone how they are calculating the raises. Pam sees that she has no beans and she is annoyed with Jim. Everyone begins to bicker over it and Jim and Michael hide out in their office while the others are angry with them. Dwight tries to stage a coup but nobody will back him up and he has to back down. Michael and Jim talk and Jim admits that he didn't realise how hard it is to come up with the big decisions. They share a drink and pretend that they are not in the office when people knock at the door. Ryan persuades Pam to invest in some shady deal that he has going instead of giving her a wedding present. I will be back with more Office next week...


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