Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Office Season 6, Episode 4 Recap

So, this is what we have been waiting for! Jim and Pam's wedding is approaching and everyone in the Office is excited about it. Pam is feeling sick a lot these days with the pregnancy and the smells around the office don't help. Dwight refuses to cease having his hard boiled eggs at his desk and Pam vomits which sets everyone else off too.. The gang get ready to set off for Niagara Falls. Dwight has taken the guest list and found all the women on it and he has googled them on the Internet. He tells Michael about the single ones.

They all drive to Niagara Falls and check into the hotel. Michael has not booked his room, so he tries to share with Dwight who doesn't want him too in case he wants to take a woman back there. Michael tried to get the others to share with him,but they wont. Jim and Pam's families are there and they have the rehearsal dinner. Michael wants to make a speech, but Jim doesn't want him to. He has his best man to do that and Michael is not happy. Meanwhile, Pam's grandmother doesn't know about the pregnancy and they don't want to tell her as she is old fashioned and she wouldn't approve. Pam's mother is at the wedding alone and her father is with his new girlfriend which makes things very awkward.

Jim breaks his own rule when he lets it slip about the baby and Pam's grandmother is shocked. He is furious with himself. Pam's granny is going home but Michael has a chat with her and she doesn't.Dwight sleeps with one of the bridesmaids.In a very funny scene, Andy is doing the splits when he tears his scrotum(ouch!). He has to go to the hospital and Pam has to take him. Dwight is mean to the girl he slept with and dismisses her when she tries to talk to him afterwards. Kevin has a very dodge hairpiece! It is time for the wedding and Pam tears her veil and she is upset. She and Jim disappear and everyone is waiting in the church for them.

After a while, the wonder if they are going to get married at all,but they turn up just in time and the wedding goes ahead with people dancing down the aisle!!! Everyone gets up and dances and it is a happy affair. We see that earlier, Jim and Pam went to the Niagara Falls and got married by the captain of the ship. So, later, we see Michel and Pam's mother going back to her room for some fun.... This was a very good double episode of The Office. It was funny and sweet. I will be back next week with more...


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