Friday, October 16, 2009

Relentless Book Review

Relentless is a thriller by Dean Koontz and I am a big fan of his books. Relentless tells the tale of a Cubby Greenwich who is a writer of novels and his latest one called One O' Clock Jump has just been published. It is well received by everyone except a newspaper critic called Shearman Waxx who writes a scathing review of it. One critic does not sound too bad but Waxx is the most influential book critic in the country and writes for one of the premier news papers. Even though Cubby gets good reviews from other critics, he begins to obsess about the bad one. His wife Penny is a writer also and she writes children's books. Their son Milo is 6 years old but is like a little Einstein with an interest in physics and electronics. They both urge Cubby to forget about the bad review and let it go but he does not!!

When Cubby learns the critic dines at a restaurant that he knows and he decides to go there with Milo just to get a look at him as there is little known about Waxx. While Cubby and Milo are in the bathroom, they come face to face with Waxx but he only says one word and leaves. He says "doom" and so begins Cubby's nightmare as he learns that all the writers Waxx gave a bad review to have died in horrible deaths. Soon the whole family are running for their lives but no matter what they do, the mysterious Waxx seems to have extensive resources and tracks them every time. They decide to go to people that had bad reviews also to try and learn more about Waxx but soon there is a trail of bodies.

Relentless is a very exciting thriller that had me interested from the start as to why there would be a psychotic book critic after a writer! Koontz builds the tension right up until the climax and Relentless is well worth the read. It's around 350 pages and seemed just the right length as there was no boring chapters. The Dean Koontz trademark of having a dog in the story is evident here as usual and in Relentless the dog's name is Lassie! She seems to have magical powers such as appearing inside a closed drawer! The book is a bit mystical as well as being a thriller as Lassie is described as grinning and being in strange places. Milo talks in riddles but is also a genius and the bad guy Waxx appears and disappears in Cubby's house!! If you like a bit of strangeness in your thrillers, then Relentless will be perfect for you!!I would definitely recommend this book and I give it 7/10.


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