Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Halloween 2 Movie Review 80

Okay, the first thing that I will say about this movie is that I am a huge fan of the originals and I really wasn't crazy about the remake of the first movie. But, I love horror and I like to watch things before I decide what I think. So, we sat down to watch this and I had some reservations. Jigsaw loved the first remake and I wasn't crazy about it. But, we watched this and we were amazed by how poor it is. It is directed by Rob Zombie.

It begins with a young Michael Myers who is in a sanitarium as a kid. Then it cuts to 15 years later after the events of the first movie. Laurie Strode(Scout Taylor-Compton) is found wandering around by the cops. She is taken into hospital. The cops go to the scene of the crime and they take away Annie(Danielle Harris) to hospital and they take away the 'dead' body of Michael Myers. Of course, the van that Myers is in happens to slam into a cow and he wakes up and kills the driver.He is free yet again. Laurie wakes up in hospital and she thinks that Michael is after her.He comes after her and tries to kill her again, but this ends up just being a nightmare.

Still with me? Good.Cut to October 29th 2 years later. Laurie is living with Annie and her dad, Sheriff Brackett(Brad Dourif).Laurie is seeing a therapist,Barbara Collier(Margot Kidder). She tells her about the dreams she is having. They talk about Annie and Laurie tells her that Annie is a reminder of what happened. Meanwhile, Dr. Loomis(Malcolm McDowell) is promoting his new book. It is about the murders and Michael Myers. People ask him if Myers is really dead and Dr. Loomis tells them that without a doubt, Michael Myers is definitely dead. Michael is wandering in the wilderness and he kills some people in a truck and he finally reaches Haddonfield. Dr Loomis happens to be there too for his book launch. Laurie begins to see things and she thinks that she is going crazy. She goes to her therapist again.

Michael is still butchering people for getting in his way and he goes to a strip club and murders a few more. Dr.Loomis is on some talk show to plug his book and who is on it? Weird Al, that's who!! He makes fun of Dr. Loomis and he is not pleased. So, back to the killing. Michael kills more people at a Halloween Party. He tracks Laurie down and he kills Annie first. Then, he comes after Laurie. Loomis happens to be there too and Michael kills him. Michael and Laurie are in some shack and the cops are there too. They want Michael to come out but Laurie walks out and gets shot. Then we cut to the end where Laurie is in a mental institution....Was it all in her head???WHO CARES!

This was terrible. The only good thing about it was the cameo by Weird Al(pictured above)and some interesting death sequences. But, that was not enough to make us enjoy this. There is no excuse for such a bad movie.It really makes a mockery of what the Halloween story is supposed to be.I couldn't recommend this to anyone. It gets a weak 1/10.


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