Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Christmas To Everyone!!!!!!!!

appy Christmas to all who visit Jigsaw's Lair!!!!!!!!! I hope that you are having or had a great day!!! It will depend on what time you are reading this of course!! I hope that you are enjoying your day with your family and loved ones.You should be making sure to be watching a favourite movie of yours on TV or on DVD.Hopefully recommended by us or just a personal favourite of yours! One of my personal favourite non-horror Christmas related movies is Planes,Trains and Automobiles.Before you put finger to the typing keys to tell me it is a Thanksgiving movie, I know that already! We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Ireland so in my mind it is a Christmas movie! When the kids are put to bed or you just want a scare then it may be time for a horror movie!

So Happy Christmas to you and I hope you like the pictures of Kitty and Felix trying to get into the Christmas mood! I can tell you it was very hard to get the Christmas outfit on Felix and I had to take it off straight away! I think Kitty would be too big for the jacket so I didn't try it on her! Hopefully the pics put a smile on your face like they did to mine!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello Sweet One!
I wish you the same!
I read your Blog fromk wile to wile if i see it in reader ;-)

WONDERFUL kitten pics!
Is your own???
My daughter became a DigitalCam with videofunction and now our Cat must stand still for some great nice funny pic´s!

I wish you peaceful Christmas days
And a happy new year with health,luck and much on joy and fun ;-)

Lovely Greetings Shadowviewer
From Germany ;-)

Jigsaw said...

Thanks very much for reading! yes the cats are mine.Happy Christmas and happy New Year to you and all in Germany!

Danke schön!

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