Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Case 39 Movie Review 85

This movie stars Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper, not to mention Ian McShane. It is directed by Christian Alvart who also directed Pandorum which we reviewed here.

So, the story begins with Emily Jenkins(Zellweger) who is a social worker who takes on the case of a young girl called Lilith Sullivan(Jodelle Ferland) who seems to be having problems with her parents. Emily visits them and she gets a bad picture of the family. She feels that the young girl is in trouble and that her parents are doing something bad to her so she tells her boss. When they bring the parents in, they talk to her boss and he can't do anything about it. Lilith tells Emily that her parents are going to hurt her. Emily is worried and she gives the kid her phone number in case she needs her. She talks to a cop,Mike Barron(McShane) and tells him of her worries and when she receives a call from Lilith telling her that her parents are going to kill her, she rushes over there with Mike. They find Lilith's parents trying to kill her in an oven. They rescue her and they parents are arrested and put in mental institutions.

Emily's boyfriend in a psychiatrist called Douglas J. Ames(Bradley Cooper) and he works with Lilith and tries to get her to open up to him. Meanwhile, Lilith tells Emily that she wants to live with her. So, Emily pulls some strings and Lilith is placed in her care until a foster family can be arranged for her. Over time, the child seems to be getting on very well and she loves Emily. Lilith goes to group therapy with other kids with problems and there is one child there called Diego whose parents are fighting etc. He murders them one night and when Emily goes to talk to him, he tells her that someone called him and made him do it. The call came from Emily's house. Emily knows that it wasn't her so she wonders if Lilith made the call. She denies it.

Doug is talking to Lilith about things and she tells him that she has bad thoughts about him. Doug sees another side to the seemingly nice girl. He tells her that he was always afraid of hornets as he had a bad experience with them as a child. She unnerves him and he tells Emily about it. That night, he is stung to death by hornets in his house. Emily is very upset and she wonders about the little kid. She talks to her parents and they warn her about Lilith. They had been trying to protect themselves from her and that is why they tried to kill her. She is evil. Emily is really trying to get rid of the child then as she tries to find a family to take her before its too late. When a family is found, she realises that she can't unleash Lilith on them and she needs to kill her.

Lilith finds out and she threatens Emily. Emily asks Mike for help but there isn't much he can do. The cop agrees to try and help her, but he gets killed by dog! So, then the race is on for Emily to get rid of the child before she drives her insane as she did with her own parents. Lilith can't be destroyed though and her attempts to kill her fail..But, she comes up with a plan to get rid of the kid once and for all, but will it work?? This movie was okay. It was predictable and long-winded in some parts. It wasn't that bad though if you like killer kids who go around smiling one minute and trying to murder you the next! I give this one a 5/10. Nothing special.


slave said...

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HorrorGuy said...

You have any ideas why this movie wasn't released on 1/1/2010? It was supposed to be in theaters and it has already been delayed several times. It's actually a 2008 film.

Jigsaw said...

No, I haven't any idea. I didnt know that it was delayed already. Youre not missing much anyway. Its not a great movie...

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