Saturday, January 2, 2010

Triangle Movie Review 83

Triangle is a thriller/drama starring the lovely Melissa George who is always worth watching!!She plays Jess who seems to be having trouble with her young son but arranges to meet up with friends of hers to go sailing in a small boat called Triangle. To the rest of her friends, Jess seems troubled as she is acting strangely throughout the boat trip. Then, they come across an electrical storm and they end up on top of the upturned boat. As they wait there,along comes a huge ocean liner and they can see a shadow moving on the boat. They climb aboard the liner called the Aeolus but can find no one on the ship.

Triangle seems interesting for the first twenty minutes until they get into the ship but then we soon realise what kind of movie it is. We are following Jess around and we soon realise Triangle is like Groundhog Day as Jess sees herself in previous situations that we just saw from different angles and it is very like the TV show Lost where characters are spying on previous events that happened to them from a different vantage point. We have seen this idea over and over before and here it gets a bit tedious when Jess sees herself over and over again. This has been done in an episode of Star Trek where the crew were stuck in a time loop.

When Jess sees herself, watching herself do something, Triangle becomes very tedious. I did want to see how it turned out in the end but that was all that kept me watching. That and the fact that Melissa George is in short shorts and a tight top throughout the movie!!! The ending is fairly obvious, though and came as no surprise so it doesn't really have a pay off and ends on a 'oh-is-that-all' kind of note. Triangle is a movie that sounds good in theory but it doesn't play out as well. Unless you love Groundhog Day types of movies, then I would say avoid it. If you like Melissa George then this movie will suit you as the camera focuses on her body a lot!!Other than that, there is nothing in Triangle that you haven't seen before!

Triangle- 3/10.


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