Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Corey Haim R.I.P. (1971-2010)

What can I say about Corey Haim? He was an icon in the 1980's. He was part of a double act with his pal Corey Feldman. They starred in movies together and they were good buddies. Corey got into drugs though and it seems as if he could never kick the habit no matter how hard he tried. They say that he died from a drug overdose which is really sad as he was just 38. That  is way too young. I grew up with his movies and he was a teen idol for me when I was younger.

Corey's career wasn't always great, but I am just going to concentrate on the movies I love and the ones I am going to watch to remember him. Firstly, Silver Bullet is a favourite horror movie of mine and in it Corey plays Marty, a young boy who is in a wheelchair and he has to escape from the werewolf who is hunting him...He was also in the touching drama Lucas alongside Winona Ryder.Then came a great movie called The Lost Boys which needs no explanations. This was a really 80's classic and I love it. Corey Feldman, Jason Patric and Kiefer Sutherland co starred. License to Drive, Fast Getaway,Watchers and Dream Machine were a few other movies which weren't too bad. There were some hiccups along the way, but Corey continued his acting and he even starred in a reality TV show with Corey Feldman called The Two Coreys.

There are a few movies which he has starred in this year and last year which have not been released yet so they will be his legacy. It is a shame that he couldn't keep himself clean and kick his drug habit if that is what killed him. He struggled for years with his habit and I guess it got the better of him in the end. May he Rest in Peace...


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