Friday, April 30, 2010

Bare Naked Survivor Movie Review 118

 Be warned that the trailer contains adult material!!!!!!
Bare Naked Survivor is a movie that...well, it's a hilariously bad movie that is basically soft porn! It is meant to be a parody of the TV show Survivor and it is really an excuse to show topless women and occasionally have them naked! When Bigfoot shows up, it is very funny in an oh-my-God way as it is a guy in a monkey suit!!! The women and one guy in this movie looked like they had a lot of fun making it so in a weird way, I sort of liked it.

This is definitely a movie for the guys and not one for the family. If you don't like naked women, then don't watch it! Even if you do, there is nothing here that you cannot see elsewhere but I couldn't help but laugh at the bad acting so if you like naked women and zero plot, then this movie is for you!!! This movie doesn't even show up on the rating system!!!Avoid at all costs!!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Amanda's Horror Years- 1984

So, 1984 is my chosen year this week. There were, as always, plenty of movies which deserved a mention so I have included all of the ones I could think of here. Let me know if you have any movies to share from this year of horror...

Firstly, I want to begin with a classic horror movie from Wes Craven.It is a little movie called A Nightmare On Elm Street! Freddy Krueger was born and a classic villain was introduced! He visited youngsters in their dreams and tortured and killed them!This movie spawned six sequels and a remake which will be out soon(groan).Next was another classic horror movie, Children of The Corn. This movie is based on the story by Stephen King and it revolves around a couple who come to a town called Gatlin and find out that the children there are very sinister.It starred Linda Hamilton.Another movie based on a Stephen King book is Firestarter about a young girl played by Drew Barrymore who can cause a fire with her mind. Gremlins was released in this year and even though it isn't really horror, it is worth a mention....

The Company of Wolves was released in 1984 and it is a retelling of Red Riding Hood with a very sinister edge.There are werewolves, a young girl and handsome strangers...This movie is directed by Neil  Jordan. C.H.U.D. is a movie about some very creepy creatures who live in the sewers..Friday the 13th Part 4:The Final Chapter was yet another sequel and it starred Corey Feldman. For a Christmas treat, there was the classic Silent Night, Deadly Night which was about a young man who loves Santa a bit too much....

Some lesser known horrors released were Invitation to Hell, a TV movie directed by Wes Craven and starring Robert Urich. Daphne Zuniga stars in a little known movie called The Initiation which is about a sorority who force their pledges to perform an initiation and they get more than they bargained for...There were some zombie movies released this year, some ok and some really bad. Night Shadows,Zombie Island Massacre and The Toxic Avenger were some examples...Razorback was about a vicious pig who terrorises people in the Australian outback.Finally, a pretty bad movie called The Devil's Gift was released and it is worth a mention.

That is all for now. 1984 was a good year for movies with some classics being released. Pity that Nightmare on Elm Street can't be left alone, but it is just another example of the lack of originality in Hollywood....Enjoy these movies anyhow.....

Monday, April 26, 2010

New Robin Hood Movie Trailer!

I was just looking at this trailer and it seems to be pretty impressive. I liked the other Robin Hood movies and this one seems a bit better, but I will wait until I see it before passing judgement. I like Russell Crowe and I think that this will be good! Watch the trailer and see what you think of this Russell Crowe/Ridley Scott collaboration. Oh and Cate Blanchett stars as Maid Marian! It is out in May..

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Shutter Island Movie Review 117

Shutter Island is a movie directed and produced by Martin Scorsese and it stars Leonardo Di Caprio, Michelle Williams and Mark Ruffalo. It is based on the novel by Dennis Lehane who has written some great books such as Mystic River and Gone Baby Gone which were also made into movies. I had read the book a while back, but I forgot to put the review on the blog! Shutter Island is an entertaining read but suffers from the ending being obvious from the start. I remember realising the ending near the beginning so it was spoiled somewhat. The movie is very faithful to the book and I think that the ending is obvious early on. I know two people who haven't read the book but already had an idea of the ending just from the trailer!!!

Di Caprio plays Teddy Daniels, a  U.S.Marshal who is sent to Shutter Island with his partner, Chuck Aule(Ruffalo). They have been sent there to investigate the disappearance/escape of a patient from a mental facility on the island. Shutter Island is a facility for the criminally insane and all this is set in the 1950's. When they arrive there on the ferry, they are met by Dr. Cawley who is played by Ben Kingsley and Dr.Naehring who is played by Max Von Sydow. Dr. Cawley tries to treat the patients on a human manner which was new in the 1950's because people were just routinely given brain surgery to make them less hostile and docile.The two Marshal's have to surrender their weapons on entering and with a storn on the way, they are stuck for a while. They are watched and escorted around so things do not appear to be what they seem on the island. Di Caprio's character was a World War Two veteran and he was one of the soldiers who liberated the concentration camps and he suffers because of the horror he witnessed. His wife, Dolores Chanal is shown in flashback and is played by Michelle Williams of Dawson's Creek fame.

I liked Shutter Island as it does have a good story and a good cast. It is about two hours ten minutes long which a bit much, but it is worth the watch. If you realise the ending at the start, then you enjoyment would be a bit less as this is what happened to me.Even though I knew the end, I still watched it as it was very well-made like all Martin Scorsese movies. Di Caprio, as ever, looks very young and seems like a teenager sometimes. He always looks a little too young for the parts he plays, but he gives a good performance. If you like a whodunit type of mystery, then you will like this movie and I wonder how quickly you will realise the ending!!! THERE FOLLOWS A SPOILER SO DO NOT READ IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW THE ENDING!!!!!!!
In case you were wondering about the note which Teddy finds in the cell- "Who is 67?" refers to the 67th patient on Shutter Island meaning Teddy Daniels and 'The Law of 4' refers to the names of the people in his mind. Edward Daniels is an anagram of his real name Andrew Laeddis and Dolores Chanal(His wife's maiden name) is an anagram of Rachel Solando who is the imaginary missing patient. These are the Law of 4. So, Andrew Laeddis invented the character of Edward Daniels to deal with his killing his wife. There is more to the story, but you have to watch the movie for that!!!!

Shutter Island- 7/10

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Stepfather Remake Movie Review 116

The Stepfather was a movie from the 1980's starring Terry O'Quinn from Lost but this remake is nowhere near as good as the original. It stars Dylan Walsh,Sela Ward and Amber Heard. It is directed by Nelson McCormick.

If you have seen the original, then you already know the story. I will go through it anyway in case you haven't. There is a man called David Harris(Walsh) and he has just murdered a family. It turns out that he is a psychopath. He changes his appearance and he drives away from the crime scene. The cops look for him, but they don't have a clue who they are looking for. He moves to another town and he meets Susan Harding(Ward) and they get on well and begin dating. Susan has a son called Michael(Penn Badgley) who has been away at military school. He is some sort of rebel or something and he spends most of his time hanging around with his girlfriend Kelly(Heard). 

 So, Michael meets David and when his mother gets engaged to him, Michael is a bit worried. He sees that David isn't normal and he realises that there is more to him than meets the eye. He wants to get his mother away from him and it all turns into a really crappy verison of the original. Dylan Walsh is no Terry O' Quinn and he comes across as laughable during this movie. If the director thought that this movie was going to be any sort of improvement on the original, then he was way wrong. This is teen/really crappy horror with very little to offer in the way of scares or creepiness. I would never watch this again and if you like the original, then give this tripe a miss. This gets 2/10 and that is being generous!
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