Friday, April 2, 2010

Classic TV- Prisoner Cell Block H

So, when you think of Prisoner: Cell Block H you might think of dodgy sets and lots of women fighting but there is a lot more to this programme than that. There are some great story lines , some good actors and some hilarious moments! This programme had a gigantic cast over its 692 episodes and it is a cult classic now. There are many people who love this programme as I do and will watch it over and over again. I am halfway through the series again and I love it!

So, there are some main characters in this Aussie soap. Firstly, there was Erica Davidson played by Patsy King. In the first 352 episodes, she was the Governor of the prison which is called Wentworth. Then there was the top dog Bea Smith played to perfection by Val Lehman.Bea is the boss of the prisoners and she comes up against some nasty characters time and time again. She was the boss for 400 episodes when she made her hasty exit.Lizzie Birdsworth was played by Sheila Florance and Lizzie was an old lag which means she had been in Wentworth for a long time. She always took part in what was going on around the prison and she usually took the younger prisoners under her wing. During the series, there were many prisoners in and out of Wentworth and some were good and some very bad.

The cast changed during the second half of this series and after Bea and Lizzie left, there were many different top dogs and characters which tried to replace them with limited success. I love this show because there were some very nasty characters in it such as Officer Joan Ferguson A.K.A. The Freak played by Maggie Kirkpatrick. She was a lesbian who took any opportunity to feel up the prisoners..She was an adversary who was very tough for all of the top dogs and she was behind loads of rackets and schemes in the prison. She made sure that she knew about every booze or drug smuggling operations and she wanted her cut. She got hers in the end, though.

So, if you ever get a chance to watch this classic Aussie soap, you should because it will suck you in and before you know it, you will be addicted to it like I am!!One of the best TV series of all time, in my opinion. It is a real classic.....


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