Friday, May 28, 2010

Damage Movie Review 126

Damage is a movie starring the ex- WWE wrestler, Steve 'Stone Cold' Austin as John Brickner who has just been paroled from prison. He soon gets a job as a bouncer in a bar as he is a good fighter so it seems kind of like Roadhouse at first! Laura Vandervoort who stars in V, plays Frankie and she is a waitress in the bar who sees Brickner fighting. Togther with her friend Reno, played by Walton Goggins, she puts Brickner into underground fights for money .

As Brickner was helped in his parole by the wife of the man he killed, he knows that he owes her a lot. She sent letters on his behalf to get him out as he promises to help her with anything. Her daughter needs a heart transplant that costs a lot of money. Obviously the only way that Brickner can make the money is by fighting is in the underground fights so you can see where this is going already....

Damage goes the way you would expect as Stone Cold Steve Austin beats up a lot of people,  becoming battered and bruised in the process!! Walton Goggins is good as the scheming Reno and Laura Vandervoort is as beautiful as ever!I have included a picture above for you to enjoy!!! There's nothing here that you have not seen before but Damage is quite entertaining. Fans of Stone Cold will like this a lot but otherwise, it is a run-of-the-mill beat 'em up movie. If you  have nothing else to watch and you like a straightforward story with some action, then you could do a lot worse than to watch this!!!


Monday, May 24, 2010

Daybreakers Movie Review 125


Daybreakers is a  movie directed by the Spierig brothers and starring Ethan Hawke among others. It is set in the year 2019 and vampires rule the world and humans are hunted for their pure blood.

We are told that some virus or plague turned most people in the world into vampires and that humans are the minority. Ethan Hawke plays Edward Dalton, a hematologist who is researching a blood substitute as the stores of human blood are coming to an end. He doesn't want to kill humans and he is sympathetic to their cause. There is a greedy head of the firm where Dalton works called Charles Bromley(Sam Neill). He asks Dalton to come up with the blood substitute, but it doesn't work so he wants the remaining humans caught and drained for their blood. Dalton has a brother called Frankie and he is a soldier. He has to enforce the rules and he disagrees with Edward on the humans. He doesn't see anything wrong in hunting them down and getting their blood. Meanwhile, the vampires are all going mad from lack of blood..

Edward bangs into a group of humans in his car and they are wary of him until he tells them he would like to help them. They trust him and he tries to help them get away. He meets a guy called Lionel(Willem Dafoe) who was a vampire and changed back after he went out into the sunlight and jumped into a river.Edward is amazed by this. Charles Bromley finds out about what Edward has been doing and he is not pleased. He asks Frankie to find Edward. The humans are travelling to another place when they are attacked by vampires and most of them are killed except one girl. It turns out that her name is Ally Bromley(Isabel Lucas) and that she is human whilst her father is Charles Bromley. He tries to turn her into a vampire but she doesn't want to.

Edward and the remaining humans find out that all of their pals are dead. Meanwhile, the army is getting rid of creatures called Subsiders. These are vampires who haven't drank blood in ages and they have just turned into ugly beasts. Ally has turned into one and she is destroyed. So, Edward has to find out if he can replicate the experiment that Lionel did and turn back into a human. It begins to work and he discovers that if  the reverted human is bitten by a vampire, then they return to human as well so I need not explain what happens in the end!! I liked this movie. There were some great scenes and special effects. I liked it a lot and I am giving it 8/10. By the way, above is a picture of Isabel Lucas for you to enjoy. You might remember her as Tasha in the Australian soap Home and Away!!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Chloe Movie Review 124

Chloe is a drama/thriller starring Julianne Moore, Liam Neeson and Amanda Seyfried. It is directed by Atom Egoyan who also directed Where The Truth Lies and Adoration.

So, our tale begins with Dr.Catherine Stewart(Moore). She is getting older and she imagines that her husband, David(Neeson) is having sex with his students. He is a professor and his female students look up to him. She plans a birthday party for him, but he gets stuck overnight and he can't get back for it. This makes Catherine suspicious of him. One evening, the couple are at a restaurant and she is in the bathroom when she hears someone crying in a stall. She finds out that it a young woman called Chloe(Seyfried). She tells Catherine that she is having a hard time with men. Catherine finds out that she is a high class hooker.She thinks about her husband cheating and she asks Chloe to seduce him and see if he takes the bait. Chloe agrees.

Chloe sets about meeting him and when she arranges to meet Catherine again, she has lots to tell her. Meanwhile, Catherine has to put up with a disrespectful, idiot of a son who thinks it's okay to bring his girlfriends back to his bedroom and have sex. Chloe meets the son and he likes her. Catherine does not want Chloe to get friendly with her son. Chloe tells Catherine that she has had sex with David. Catherine is confused and hurt and she ends up in bed with Chloe!!After this, she wants nothing more to do with the whole business and she tells Chloe that she doesn't want any relationship with her, but Chloe is not happy about this. She keeps bothering her and wanting to be with her.

Chloe starts to hang around with Catherine's son to get inside her house. Once there, she has sex with the son. Meanwhile, Catherine is confronting David about what happened and he denies everything. He has never even met Chloe let alone had sex with her. Catherine realises that Chloe made the whole thing up just to get close to her. David and Catherine agree to start again and get back to where they used to be. Catherine heads home while David has to go back to work. She finds Chloe with her son and she freaks out. They argue and Chloe falls out of the window. End of story.Here is a picture of Amanda Seyfried so you can see what was the only good thing about the movie.....

This was an okay movie. There was nothing spectacular about it and the story plodded along. It is worth a watch if you like one scene of lesbian action , but apart from that, it isn't great. I am giving it a 5/10.

Monday, May 17, 2010

From Paris With Love Movie Review 123

From Paris With Love is an action movie which is directed by Pierre Morel who also directed the great action movies Taken and District 13. It stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers as James Reese, an American Embassy worker in Paris, France. He handles all the jobs for the American Ambassador and, wanting more responsibility, he gets to partner up with an American agent. The agent, Charlie Wax, played by John Travolta, is an eccentric guy who literally shoots first and asks questions later. Reese is used to doing simple jobs like changing car registration plates and bugging offices but Wax is the James Bond/Jason Bourne type. He likes nothing more than shooting a place up! As they both go about checking out places for drugs and terrorists, things are complicated by Reese' girlfriend Caroline played by Kasia Smutniak. They had just gotten engaged before Reese met Wax and Reese has to deal with her phone calls as they go around on their business.

This movie is half action and half comedy as things happen like Reese's mobile phone needing charging and there are some great one liners such as Wax saying 'Wax on, wax off' from the Karate Kid after he kills someone.The plot didn't seem to make much sense even though this movie is based on a story by Luc Besson who directed Leon. It began to make sense near the end with the two heroes trying to stop Islamic terrorists. There are some great action scenes with them leaving bodies in their wake every place they travel to such as a Chinese restaurant and a Pakistani area. It reminded me of Collateral with Meyers' character tagging along with Travolta in the same way as Foxx did with Cruise in that movie. If you like a buddy action movie, then you will like this as they debate their different ways of doing things. Travolta is good as the experienced killer and Meyers does great as the reluctant field agent. They both carry this movie and they are the best thing in it.

From Paris With Love is the type of movie that you would rent out or see on TV and have a happy hour and a half. There's nothing here you haven't seen before but it is done well and I think everyone likes a good action movie with a few laughs thrown in! Leave your brain at the door and just enjoy it!!!

From Paris With Love-6/10

Friday, May 14, 2010

When Night Falls Movie Review 122

When Night Falls is a thriller from New Zealand written and directed by Alex Galvin. It stars Tania Nolan and Rosella Hart.

There is a flashback at the beginning of the movie. A nurse is in a hospital and she is alone. She hears whistling and she goes to see who it is. She is grabbed by someone and killed. Cut to a nurse called Louise(Nolan) in New Zealand in 1932. She is looking after an invalid called David (Kevin Keys) in a large house. She has another nurse, Nurse Davis(Hart) with her. The caretaker of the house is Mr Jacobs and he has to go to town overnight and he is worried about leaving the two nurses and his wife, Mrs. Jacobs alone in the house as there has been reports of a maniac on the loose. Mr Jacobs tells Louise to make sure that every window and door in the house are locked and he tells them not to open the door to anybody. Louise checks the house out and she closes everything. She goes up to see the invalid David with whom she has a loving relationship.

Louise and Nurse Davis go down to dinner with Mrs. Jacobs and they hear a report on the radio about the killer on the loose. They become very scared. They hear that there has been a murder not very far away and they really panic.Mrs Jacobs goes to bed. It is just Louise and Nurse Davis. Someone knocks on the door and they jump but they will not open it. They go up to check on David but they can't wake him. Nurse Davis thinks that there is someone in the house with them. They phone the doctor but he is out. Louise thinks that she might not have closed the window in the basement so she goes down to do it.When she comes back, there is music playing and she hears creaking. The phone has been cut off and she sees someone in the house.

She locks herself in the bathroom and she tries to think of what to do. Nurse Davis has been knocked out upstairs from drinking whiskey which was spiked so she is no help.When Louise opens the door, she goes upstairs to David's room only to find Mrs. Jacobs dead. She finds out that Nurse Davis arranged everything and that she is a psycho. She tries to kill Louise who ends up throwing her through a window. The next morning, Louise awakes and she thinks about what happened and she realises that Nurse Davis couldn't have done everything on her own. She hears whistling coming up the stairs and the door knob turns as she realises her fate..... This is a well made thriller with some great suspense. I would recommend it to anyone as it is well worth the watch. I am giving this one a 7/10.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kick Ass Movie Review 121


Kick Ass is a movie starring Aaron Johnson as a young guy called Dave who decides to become a superhero! Great idea, only he has no super powers at all except for his invisibility to girls as they don't like him! He wears a scuba outfit and heads off to stop two thieves he meets on the street. Of course, he is promptly stabbed and the realization that life is not like comic books sets in. He heals up and vows to do better next time!

Kick Ass is a comedy/action movie that could have ended up as just a funny idea and nothing else but it is really entertaining.Kick Ass fighting crime becomes a You Tube sensation and he meets fellow crime fighters Big Daddy and Hit Girl. They are a father/daughter team and Big Daddy is played by Nicholas Cage and Hit Girl by Chloe Moretz. Big Daddy is obviously very like Batman and Cage does a very good Adam West  impersonation! In case you don't know, Adam West played Batman in the 1960's TV show. Big Daddy is after the crime boss, Frank D'Amico played by Mark Strong because when Big Daddy was a cop, he was set up by him and sent to jail. Frank is after Kick Ass as he thinks that he is hurting his crime business when really it is Big Daddy. They all have to get together to take D'Amico on. Complicating matters is D'Amico's son, Chris, played by Christopher Mintz Plasse of Superbad fame. He befriends Kick Ass as another Superhero Red Mist!! He wants to lead Kick Ass into a trap so he can get his dad's approval.

In case you are getting the wrong idea, this a very violent movie and there are some great action scenes. Hit Girl steals the show as she is a very young girl who is a great fighter and has funny lines also! This movie will make you laugh as well as enjoying the great action and I especially liked Kick Ass saying that he will never find out what happens on  Lost as he thinks he is about to die! I would definately recommend Kick Ass as it has everything that you would want in a movie and there is definitely an opening for a sequel at the end so I hope that that is made eventually. Go get Kick ass and see it now!!!

Kick Ass- 10/10

Friday, May 7, 2010

Basement Jack Movie Review 120

Basement Jack is a low budget horror movie directed by Michael Shelton and starring Eric Peter-Kaiser and Michele Morrow.

The movie begins with a flashback to eleven years ago and a couple are having sex in a car when the girl hears something. She gets the jitters and they go into her house. She calls for her parents, but there is no answer which is strange. She finds her family dead, sitting at the table.Her boyfriend gets killed by the maniac who is still in the house. He chases her but he doesn't kill her. She gets away and the police come. The maniac is caught. Cut to years later and the girl is coming to the town of Downer's Grove . Her name is Karen and she sees some guy in a car dead along the road. She takes his car and drives into town. She is stopped by a cop, Chris Watts(Sam Skoryna). He asks her for her registration etc but gets called back to work before he can see that the car does not belong to her. We see Basement Jack in somebody's cellar and he is waiting to kill again....

We see flashbacks of Basement Jack's childhood. His mother used to electrocute him etc and that is why he is such a bad guy now..While the cops are investigating, Basement Jack is slicing and dicing his way through the town. Karen knows that he has followed her from town to town and that he is waiting for her. He wants to finish the job that he started all those years ago. Karen and the cop look for him and when they find him, he wants Karen. There is a showdown between them and Karen has to fight for her life.The cops take away Basement Jack who they assume is dead, but guess what? He isn't dead...And so it begins again...
This movie was not very good at all. I didn't like it much and I didn't like the characters either. I would steer clear of this unless you are desperate for something to watch...It gets a 3/10.

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