Friday, May 7, 2010

Basement Jack Movie Review 120

Basement Jack is a low budget horror movie directed by Michael Shelton and starring Eric Peter-Kaiser and Michele Morrow.

The movie begins with a flashback to eleven years ago and a couple are having sex in a car when the girl hears something. She gets the jitters and they go into her house. She calls for her parents, but there is no answer which is strange. She finds her family dead, sitting at the table.Her boyfriend gets killed by the maniac who is still in the house. He chases her but he doesn't kill her. She gets away and the police come. The maniac is caught. Cut to years later and the girl is coming to the town of Downer's Grove . Her name is Karen and she sees some guy in a car dead along the road. She takes his car and drives into town. She is stopped by a cop, Chris Watts(Sam Skoryna). He asks her for her registration etc but gets called back to work before he can see that the car does not belong to her. We see Basement Jack in somebody's cellar and he is waiting to kill again....

We see flashbacks of Basement Jack's childhood. His mother used to electrocute him etc and that is why he is such a bad guy now..While the cops are investigating, Basement Jack is slicing and dicing his way through the town. Karen knows that he has followed her from town to town and that he is waiting for her. He wants to finish the job that he started all those years ago. Karen and the cop look for him and when they find him, he wants Karen. There is a showdown between them and Karen has to fight for her life.The cops take away Basement Jack who they assume is dead, but guess what? He isn't dead...And so it begins again...
This movie was not very good at all. I didn't like it much and I didn't like the characters either. I would steer clear of this unless you are desperate for something to watch...It gets a 3/10.


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