Friday, June 18, 2010

Hell's Kitchen Season 7 Episode 3 Review

I am back for another thrilling week in Hell's Kitchen. Last week, we lost Andrew and Mikey. This week, the chefs are back for more shouting and swearing...

This week, the chefs are told that they need to work as a team. Hell's Kitchen is opened for lunch and the chefs are expected to cook for the USC marching band(Watch the clip above!). They are making burgers and fries and salads and the dining room is split into two and each team gets a half. So, it is men versus women and the women end up winning the challenge.Autumn is her usual obnoxious self and Jamie is poor. In the mens kitchen, Jason is slow again. So, the women go to the beach and play soccer with Ramsay and his family while the men clear a river of all the crap that has been dumped in it.

That night, in service, the men want to win. They need to bounce back. Fran burns her hand badly while they are prepping and she doesn't tell the medic which I think is very silly. She suffers on. Salvatore and Holly go out on the floor to serve so each team is down one. Salvatore messes up his orders as his English is not as good as it could be and he gets shouted at by Chef Ramsay. He threatens to leave and he is on the way out when Jean Phillipe follows him and gives him some advice. Salvatore decides to give it another go. So, on the ladies team, Maria is sending out terrible risotto and she gets yelled at. She can't seem to get it right. Jamie is having a hard time too. On the mens team, Scott is irritating the hell out of everyone and he seems to think that he is a brilliant cook when he is just average.Jason is slow again and he is annoyed. Siobhan gives Chef Ramsay raw fish. Benjamin and Nilka are the best cooks in service.

Fran has a meltdown and she has to see the medic. Why she didn't go in the first place is beyond me. She gets her hand sorted and she is back.So, service ends and the men win. The ladies choose Jamie and Fran. Chef Ramsay chooses to sack Jamie as she was very poor.. That is it for another week..Be back with more soon...


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