Friday, July 30, 2010

Hell's Kitchen, Season 7, Episode 12 Review

 So, Ed got his marching orders last week for being the weakest member of the team. We are down to five now and there is no hiding place for weak team players....

This week, the chefs have a challenge to cook a restaurant quality dish and Chef Ramsay brings in chefs to price them and whoever gets the highest price wins the challenge(Watch the video above). Holli ends up winning the challenge and she can bring a pal with her so she chooses Jay. They seem to be having some sort of romance between them and everyone has noticed it. They are flirting with each other a lot. So, they enjoy a relaxing time at a private pool along with Jean Phillipe. The others have to do the laundry for the restaurant and they have to listen to Autumn nattering away about nothing.

The two lovebirds arrive back in Hell's Kitchen. Next morning, Jason is very slow with his preparation. The others notice it too. That evening, the chefs have to switch stations and communicate with each other. Some of them get confused with it all. Jason is taking too long in cooking his stuff. He also doesn't tell Chef Ramsay that his dish isn't ready which irritates him. Ben can't cook the tuna and he is frustrated with himself. Jay is in a world of his own. He isn't paying attention and people are getting angry with him. Holli gets pissed at him.

Ben starts to take over Holli's station. He is irritating everybody but he really puts his foot in it when he tries to take over the pass and Chef Scott screams at him. He is totally humiliated which is good as he needs to be taken down from his high horse. That night after service, Chef Ramsay is disgusted with their performance. Two people have to be chosen for elimination and Jason and Ben. Jason ends up getting the boot and Ben is saved ...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hot Tub Time Machine Movie Review 138

Hot Tub Time Machine is a comedy movie starring John Cusack, Clark Duke, Craig Robinson from The Office and Rob Corddry and it is directed by Steve Pink.

The story begins with four guys who are all having a hard time of it. Adam(Cusack) has been dumped, Jacob(Duke) is his nephew and he spends all his time on his computer. Lou(Corddry) is an old party dude and Nick(Robinson) has a hard time with his wife. When Lou tries to kill himself in his car, his pals decide to take him to the place where they had great times when they were in college. It is called the Kodiak Valley Ski Resort and it used to be a great place for good times. Unfortunately, it isn't the same place and it is run down and old, just like the guys. They try and make the best of it and they discover that the hot tub has transported them back in time to 1986 and they get a chance to do some things over again.

They all try to fix stuff and there are some laughs along the way. I liked this movie because the leads were all good in it and there were so many good 80's songs. I am a big fan of the 80's so I thought that this was great fun. Chevy Chase has a cameo and there is a hilarious appearance by Crispin Glover. So, if you are looking for some light entertainment , then this is for you. You can just sit back and enjoy it because it is a funny and feelgood movie. The leads are funny and there are plenty of jokes for everyone. I recommend this for a good chuckle.

Hot Tub Time Machine- 7/10

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hell's Kitchen, Season 7, Episode 11 Review

 Last week, Nilka was sent packing so we were down to the final six.

This week, the team are delighted with themselves. They all think that they are great to make it so far. Their challenge this time is to make a dish which looks perfect and their dishes will be photographed by some food guy(Watch the clip above). Benjamin wins the challenge and he is taken for a makeover and he gets his dish in a magazine. He is delighted with himself as usual and he thinks that he is the best. Jay is irritated about losing. He is moaning and he gets a bit childish about it. The losers have to clean the dining room and they are moaning about that. Holli and Jay are flirting with each other.

Ben returns and he looks different. His dish is put on the menu and it is so complicated that everyone is worried about how long it will take to make. That night, there is going to be a special guest in Hell's Kitchen and they will be sitting at the chef's table. It turns out to be Whoopi Goldberg and the chefs are starstruck. Ed is on the fish station and it begins to go downhill fast. He cant cook his fish and every single piece he cooks seems to be raw in the middle. Chef Ramsay has enough of him after a while. Ben is working by himself. He doesn't talk to anyone and he doesn't communicate. He thinks that he is better than everyone else and Chef Ramsay sees it. He tells him that he had better start being a leader soon.

Meanwhile, poor Ed is sinking fast. It becomes obvious that he is out of his depth. He begins to panic and everything gets worse for him. Jay gets confused with Ben's dish and Chef Ramsay bawls at him. Ben has it in for Autumn now. I don't like her, but between her and Benjamin, she is the lesser of two evils. Ben gets himself into trouble as he is faltering.He isn't as good as he thinks. His cooking skills are better than his communication skills.Ed serves burnt scallops and he and Ben are kicked out of the kitchen. The four remaining chefs have to finish up. They have to pick two people to go home. It is Ed and Autumn. Ed gets kicked out because of his woeful performance in the kitchen.....

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chopping Mall Movie Review 137

Chopping Mall is a horror movie from the '80's and it is good fun. It is directed by Jim Wynorski who has directed countless low-budget movies. It stars Kelli Maroney, Tony O' Dell and Russell Todd.

Needless to say, this movie takes place in a shopping mall. It begins with these new robots called Protector 101 and they are the latest thing to provide security for the mall. They can deal with intruders and they will be patrolling the mall. Some people are skeptical about them. One night, there is a thunderstorm and a bolt of lightning hits the mall's electric system and fries it. There is no power and the robots somehow come to life. They kill some scientist guy and they begin to go into the mall.

Meanwhile, some employees of the mall are having a party in one of the stores. There are some guys and girls having a good time so you just know that they are going to meet the killer robots! The robot killers are making their way through some extras as the party goes on! One of the guys goes out to get cigarettes and he meets the metal terminator who disposes of him quickly!The others find out about the robots and they band together to kill them but the robots are built for destruction and they are not about to let some humans end their brutal killing spree...

The group begins to thin out and they manage to get rid of two of the killer machines. There is one left and they can't seem to destroy it. They play a game of cat and mouse with it and they are on the run as the tin can on wheels chases them around the mall! They manage to kill it eventually and get away to freedom!

This movie was a low-budget affair, but in fairness, it was entertaining and fun. It was an original idea for its time and it was funny to see how old and outdated some of the machinery is. That doesn't take away from this movie though and if you want a tame horror movie with some comedy value which is not meant, then this is one for you. I am giving it a 7/10 because it kept me watching!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Saw 7 Teaser!!


Jigsaw and myself are really looking forward to the new Saw movie which will be out in October and we have been getting ready for some serious games with a lot of gore and screaming!!!!We came across this poster for the new movie which will be in 3-D!!!!It will be even better to see all the bloodshed and tortured faces!!!!!We have included a teaser trailer for you to watch and get a little taste of what will be Jigsaw's masterpiece!!!! Enjoy.....

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Blair Witch 2:Book Of Shadows Movie Review 136

Blair Witch 2 is a sequel to the smash hit Blair Witch Project and it is directed by Joe Berlinger. It stars Jeffrey Donovan and Kim Director.

The movie is shot documentary style some of the time and it doesn't have the feel of the first movie at all. So,a group of young people are in Burkitsville to see everything connected with the Blair Witch Project. They have cameras and they interview some of the locals. Some of the local people want nothing to do with them and their Blair Witch nonsense but others are making big money from it. There are tourists everywhere and they are all looking for the Blair Witch. The Sheriff has to clear the tourists out of the woods. The group of young people includes a goth chick called Kim(Kim Director), a strange young man called Jeff(Jeffrey Donovan) and a wiccan called Erica(Erica Leerhsen). There is a couple also- Stephen(Stephen Barker Turner) and Tristen(Tristine Skyler).

There are flashbacks throughout the movie which show the group in the police station being questioned about murder. We cut back to them heading into the woods. They set up camp at Rustin Parr's house which is basically a ruin and they party. They leave on the camera while they have fun. Erica is casting spells and trying to contact the Blair Witch. They are disturbed by another tour group coming through the area but they head off, leaving them to party once again. They wake up next morning to find all of their stuff thrashed and their tapes gone. Kim seems to know where they are because she is psychic.They think that she put them there. Tristen is pregnant, but she miscarries. Jeff takes them to his house.

Tristen begins to see a little girl and it seems as if she is going a bit nutty. The others look at the tapes from last night and sees Ericxa dancing naked. She can't remember.Stephen decides he wants to leave as Tristen is not well. Erica tells them that they brought something back from the woods with them. They all have marks on them . Their van gets destroyed and they can't leave. Erica disappears.The flashbacks tells us that someone has been murdered and that the Sheriff is sure that they did it. We see that they did it themselves but they can't remember. The camera shows that they killed Tristen and that each of them were possessed by The Blair Witch and that's what made them kill....They are all lead away..

This movie was okay, but it had none of the spookiness of the original. It is more a run of the mill horror movie. It is watchable and it is fine if you want a movie to pass the time, but be warned that this will not be like the original movie. It is just a sub-standard sequel and it is fine as a stand alone movie, but if you try and compare it with the original, it falls flat. I will give it a 5/10.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Smash Cut Movie Review 135

Smash Cut is a horror movie directed by Lee Demarbre and it stars Michael Berryman,David Hess and Herschell Gordon Lewis( director of such movies as Blood Feast and The Wizard of Gore.)

So, this film begins with a director,Able Whitman(Hess) whose movie is thrashed by everyone. People walk out of the cinema and they say that it is rubbish. Whitman is sitting in the cinema and he hears what people are saying about his work. He is annoyed and he needs inspiration. This is where this film gets very strange indeed. His girlfriend, Gigi is killed in a car crash and he takes her dead body with him. He brings her corpse into the film studios with him and he uses it in his new movie. People think that it is just a dummy.

Able becomes bloodthirsty after this and he begins killing people including his ctirics. He cuts them up and uses them in his movie. Meanwhile. Gigi's sister hires a private investigator to find her sister. He is led to Able and he accuses him of murder. The sister decides that she will get a part in Able's movie and that way she will find out if he did kill her sister. Able continues on with his murdering. The sister follows him around and tries to find out about his life. Eventually, he finishes his movie and he gets a great review for it. He tries to kill everyone who came to see his movie and the movie totally disintegrates from then on.

I hated this film. I just could not like it at all. It was  just badly made and I didn't think that any of the actors were convincing. It is so bad that I am not going to rate it. I would avoid this one at all costs if you are looking for a good movie because this is NOT good. In fact, it is bloody awful. You have been warned....I have included a picture of Sasha Grey above who starred in this movie. If you want to see more of her, then you might consider this movie, but it's  up to you!!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hell's Kitchen, Season 7, episode 10

So, last week, Fran got the boot, Ben rejoiced and Autumn was inflicted on the red team once again.

The seven chefs have to prepare dishes from lobsters. Chef Ramsay brings in some chefs to judge the dishes.
Ben and Nilka bicker over the lobster. Ed makes a big mistake with his.The red team end up winning the challenge and they get to eat some caviar and do some shopping! The blue team have to clean the dorms and prep both kitchens. The blue team are behind schedule. They are still working on the red kitchen and they haven't done their own. They are worried about being behind. Chef Ramsay tells them that they are all going to work together in the red kitchen.

Service begins as usual. Nilka begins to fall apart during service and there is no coming back for her.She serves raw fish and she begins to have a serious meltdown.Chef Ramsay is furious at her and he talks to her and tries to get her working. Ed begins to feel the pressure as he gets on the wrong side of Chef Ramsay. Nilka drives Chef Ramsay mad and he throws her out of the kitchen once and for all(Watch the clip above!). She tries to convince him that she will be better, but there is no hope. He will not reconsider. He sends her home. He has a word with her before she goes and tells her that she wasn't ready to take the head chef's job.

He tells the remaining chefs to pick two people to go home. They pick Ed and Autumn(again!). Chef Ramsay surprises them by telling them all that they are in the final six! He gives them their new jackets and tells them to celebrate! So, we are down to six and it will be interesting to see who is going to step up and shine!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Homecoming Movie Review 134

Homecoming is a horror movie starring Mischa Barton of The OC fame. It is directed by Morgan J Freeman(not the well known actor!).

This movie begins with a guy called Mike (Matt Long) returning to his hometown of Mt.Bliss for some special occasion. He was the star quarterback in high school and he was popular. He also used to date Shelby(Barton) but they broke up. Mike brings his new girlfriend, Elizabeth(Jessica Stroup)with him. She is pretty and wealthy.
Elizabeth and Mike bump into Shelby and they chat. What Mike doesn't realise is that Shelby has never gotten over him. Shelby talks with Elizabeth who is nervous about meeting Mike's parents and she tells her that they are judgmental. She gets her drunk and then Elizabeth has to stay at a motel as she does not want to meet Mike's parents drunk. She goes to the motel but there are no rooms so she decides to walk along a lonely road. She gets hit by a car and the driver is Shelby! It is an accident. Instead of taking her to the hospital, Shelby takes her home to her house and puts her in one of the rooms.

Shelby continues to keep Elizabeth in the house and she tells her that she is looking after her etc, but after a while, it becomes obvious that Shelby is determined to get Mike back and she will do whatever she has to. She traps Elizabeth in the house and Elizabeth has to try and escape to get to Mike. Meanwhile, Shelby is acting as normal and she convinces Mike that Elizabeth has left him and gone back home. Mike begins to wonder if she has. Elizabeth almost escapes, but Shelby catches her and puts her in the basement. Elizabeth puts a note in Mike's jacket which Shelby is going to give to him and he sees it and realises that Shelby has her. He goes over to get her back and he is confronted by Shelby. They fight and Mike rescues Elizabeth but Shelby isn't down yet. She fights to the end and then they kill her, or do they????

This movie is okay if there is nothing on tv but it isn't anything special. I would only recommend it if you are a fan of Mischa Barton....

Homecoming -4/10
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