Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Blair Witch 2:Book Of Shadows Movie Review 136

Blair Witch 2 is a sequel to the smash hit Blair Witch Project and it is directed by Joe Berlinger. It stars Jeffrey Donovan and Kim Director.

The movie is shot documentary style some of the time and it doesn't have the feel of the first movie at all. So,a group of young people are in Burkitsville to see everything connected with the Blair Witch Project. They have cameras and they interview some of the locals. Some of the local people want nothing to do with them and their Blair Witch nonsense but others are making big money from it. There are tourists everywhere and they are all looking for the Blair Witch. The Sheriff has to clear the tourists out of the woods. The group of young people includes a goth chick called Kim(Kim Director), a strange young man called Jeff(Jeffrey Donovan) and a wiccan called Erica(Erica Leerhsen). There is a couple also- Stephen(Stephen Barker Turner) and Tristen(Tristine Skyler).

There are flashbacks throughout the movie which show the group in the police station being questioned about murder. We cut back to them heading into the woods. They set up camp at Rustin Parr's house which is basically a ruin and they party. They leave on the camera while they have fun. Erica is casting spells and trying to contact the Blair Witch. They are disturbed by another tour group coming through the area but they head off, leaving them to party once again. They wake up next morning to find all of their stuff thrashed and their tapes gone. Kim seems to know where they are because she is psychic.They think that she put them there. Tristen is pregnant, but she miscarries. Jeff takes them to his house.

Tristen begins to see a little girl and it seems as if she is going a bit nutty. The others look at the tapes from last night and sees Ericxa dancing naked. She can't remember.Stephen decides he wants to leave as Tristen is not well. Erica tells them that they brought something back from the woods with them. They all have marks on them . Their van gets destroyed and they can't leave. Erica disappears.The flashbacks tells us that someone has been murdered and that the Sheriff is sure that they did it. We see that they did it themselves but they can't remember. The camera shows that they killed Tristen and that each of them were possessed by The Blair Witch and that's what made them kill....They are all lead away..

This movie was okay, but it had none of the spookiness of the original. It is more a run of the mill horror movie. It is watchable and it is fine if you want a movie to pass the time, but be warned that this will not be like the original movie. It is just a sub-standard sequel and it is fine as a stand alone movie, but if you try and compare it with the original, it falls flat. I will give it a 5/10.


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