Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hell's Kitchen, Season 7, Episode 11 Review

 Last week, Nilka was sent packing so we were down to the final six.

This week, the team are delighted with themselves. They all think that they are great to make it so far. Their challenge this time is to make a dish which looks perfect and their dishes will be photographed by some food guy(Watch the clip above). Benjamin wins the challenge and he is taken for a makeover and he gets his dish in a magazine. He is delighted with himself as usual and he thinks that he is the best. Jay is irritated about losing. He is moaning and he gets a bit childish about it. The losers have to clean the dining room and they are moaning about that. Holli and Jay are flirting with each other.

Ben returns and he looks different. His dish is put on the menu and it is so complicated that everyone is worried about how long it will take to make. That night, there is going to be a special guest in Hell's Kitchen and they will be sitting at the chef's table. It turns out to be Whoopi Goldberg and the chefs are starstruck. Ed is on the fish station and it begins to go downhill fast. He cant cook his fish and every single piece he cooks seems to be raw in the middle. Chef Ramsay has enough of him after a while. Ben is working by himself. He doesn't talk to anyone and he doesn't communicate. He thinks that he is better than everyone else and Chef Ramsay sees it. He tells him that he had better start being a leader soon.

Meanwhile, poor Ed is sinking fast. It becomes obvious that he is out of his depth. He begins to panic and everything gets worse for him. Jay gets confused with Ben's dish and Chef Ramsay bawls at him. Ben has it in for Autumn now. I don't like her, but between her and Benjamin, she is the lesser of two evils. Ben gets himself into trouble as he is faltering.He isn't as good as he thinks. His cooking skills are better than his communication skills.Ed serves burnt scallops and he and Ben are kicked out of the kitchen. The four remaining chefs have to finish up. They have to pick two people to go home. It is Ed and Autumn. Ed gets kicked out because of his woeful performance in the kitchen.....


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