Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hell's Kitchen, Season 7, Episode 6 Review

Last week, we said goodbye to Maria. She was not up to the job, so she had to go!! This week, the chefs are down to 11.....

So, we go to Hell's Kitchen were Nilka is very pissed at Fran because Fran chose her for elimination last week.Fran feels very bad about it, but Nilka is not happy. Nilka seems a bit of a sulk. She is always shouting. She doesn't seem to realise that this is a COMPETITION and it is dog eat dog. Chef Ramsay calls the chefs down and asks them all about sauces. He wants them to prepare five dishes and they have to use a sauce in each. He brings in his mother and his wife to judge. Nilka heads off with all of the best ingredients. The men end up winning the challenge. The women have to clean the kitchen with chemicals and Siobhan has a bad reaction to them and has to go upstairs. The others moan about cleaning etc. The men go to an English pub with Chef Ramsay.

That night, Scott is irritating everyone with his arrogance. Nilka is shouting about nothing as usual. They are having a family night in Hell's Kitchen and they are cooking stuff especially for the kids. The red team are falling apart. Siobhan is messing up on something so easy as pasta!! Salvatore is messing up and he lies to Chef Ramsay. Nilka forgets to put lobster in her risotto dish! Scott is not performing well and he is blaming it all on his team. He is falling apart and he still thinks that he is brilliant. Ben on the other hand, is performing well on the men's team but not everyone likes that. Jay is moaning about him, but I think that Ben is in the running for the final. Chef Ramsay and his sous chefs throw out the red team and finish service themselves. The blue team are doing fine. 

Scott is still telling anyone who will listen that he is great and that it wasn't his fault. The red team are called back to the kitchen to clean up. They are embarrassed. The men's team win yet again! So, two people have to be chosen for elimination. They choose Scott and  Siobhan and Fran puts herself up. Scott tells Chef Ramsay that he is the best chef. Nilka argues with him(Watch the video clip). Chef Ramsay has enough of his bull and he kicks his ass off!!! That is one idiot gone! If Autumn goes soon, then I will be happy!!!! Ben is put onto the ladies team. I think this is because he is a good leader and Chef Ramsay thinks that he will help them but I think that they are beyond help!!!!!


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