Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hell's Kitchen Season 7, episode 7 Review

So, last week, Scott was kicked out of Hell's Kitchen. We are down to 10 chefs now.

This week, Ben is on the ladies team and he isn't too happy about it. He doesn't seem to want to be there. I guess it is because the red team is so poor. Their challenge is to come up with a dish for an elderly couple's 50th wedding anniversary. They are told to recreate the original menu from the couple's wedding. The couple enter and they taste all of the dishes.Salvatore messes up big time on his dish. The red teams ends up winning the challenge. They are delighted and they are taken to a 1950's themed diner(Watch the clip above). The blue team  have to get everything ready for the anniversary party. The red team seem to love having Benjamin on their team. But, I was wondering how long would that last?

Service begins for that evening and Ben takes charge.  Jay seems to think that he is in charge of the blue team. He ends up cutting himself. Nilka and Ed are chosen to serve table side. As service continues and the guests begin to arrive, Siobhan is very slow. Benjamin can't seem to cook his crab cakes properly. On the blue team, Salvatore is not performing well. Holli can't cook her duck and chicken. Salvatore completely crumbles and it is a pity. The red team lose and they have to pick two people to kick out. Ben gives Siobhan a lecture and it really comes across as nastiness. He seems to be getting too big for his boots which surprised me. They choose Siobhan and Fran. Chef Ramsay tells them to get back in line and he calls out Salvatore and fires him. Salvatore seemed to know his time was up.

So, we are left with nine chefs. Will Ben get more obnoxious??? I will be back with more...


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