Sunday, August 15, 2010

Amanda's Horror Years-2006

I'm back with another horror year. This time, I am being a bit more modern and I am covering 2006. This was not the best year for horror, but I want to go through the highlights and the (many) low lights of this year!

Let me start with some movies which I watched and enjoyed. Hostel was released in 2006 and this movie inspired a lot of similar 'torture porn' movies. I liked this movie because it was different and there were some horrible but good moments to enjoy! Another good movie released this year was The Descent which was an entertaining  horror about a group of  explorers who get stuck in a cave with some creatures who are coming for their blood! Pulse is another horror movie from this year and it starred Kristen Bell and Ian Somerhalder(from Lost). It was okay, nothing special, I'm afraid.See No Evil starred Kane from WWE fame and it was another okay movie. Another few mediocre horror movies are Stay Alive with Frankie Muniz from Malcolm in The Middle, The Return with Sarah Michelle Gellar, Turistas with Melissa George.

There were plenty of straight to DVD offerings too which I have seen. Some of these include Dark Ride, The Covenant, Nightmare Man, The Quick And The Undead(A horror western!!!!), Room 6, The 8th Plague, Simon Says and The Woods. Silent Hill was released as a movie version of the video game and there were some creepy moments in it. Sequels were Saw 3 which was good, Final Destination 3, The Grudge 2 and Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning(awful!). There were not many creature features that I could find only The Abominable and The Breed. Slither was a horror and comedy mix and it entertained.

Now, we come to the worst movies of this year. I have to say that there were plenty to choose from. There were some pretty bad remakes such as the laughable The Wicker Man with Nicholas Cage. He must have needed the money pretty badly to star in that piece of crap. Another failed remake was Black Christmas. It was bad.The Hills Have Eyes remake came out this year and it was terrible. I didn't like it at all. The Omen was given a remake, even though it is a classic movie and the remake stank. The only remake I thought was okay was When A Stranger Calls. That was the best of a bad bunch in my opinion. So, that is all I have for you this week. As always, let me know your suggestions and if I have forgotten any! Till next time...


Sci-Fi Gene said...

Amanda you should get out more ;)

As you said, 2006 wasn't the best year for this genre. Slither is probably my favourite from this selection - more of a Cronenberg tribute than an original film but a lot of fun.

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