Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hells Kitchen Finale!

So, we come to that time again. Is it me or did this season of Hell's Kitchen feel a bit rushed? Anyway, there were four chefs left - Ben, Holli, Autumn and Jay. 

So, the chefs were told to dress smart and come down to the dining room. Chef Ramsay has made some dishes from the menu at the Savoy Grill in London where the winning chef will be working. They are treated to dinner and then they have to make it themselves. Each of them are told to make it exactly the same and guess what ingredients are in it.Holli wins the challenge. She goes off on a yacht while the others have to clean the dorms. Ben hurts his back and he doesn't know if he is going to be able to continue. He moans on about his back and the others get annoyed with him. He makes his way through service and when it is time to pick two people, him and Autumn are booted out, leaving Holli and Jay in the final. They are delighted and they get the old team back with them to help them in their final service.
It is time for the finale! The final two are challenged to cook dishes and have them judged by some chefs from England. Jay wins the challenge. Then, they are taken back into Hell's Kitchen for the final service. Some old faces are there, and teams are picked. Jay gets Ben, Jason and Fran. Holli gets Autumn, Siobhan and Nilka. The service begins and some of the old problems come back. Siobhan is her usual dopey self and Fran is still as slow as ever. Ben is still obnoxious. Jason is plodding along and he is as moody as he ever was. Nilka isn't great in the red kitchen and Holli is getting pissed at her. Ben takes over in the blue kitchen and Jay just looks weak.That was a huge mistake on Jay's part. He should have stood up and took control. Service ends and the time comes for the winner to be announced and it is ...Holli!

I was surprised to see that she won, but I think that Jay f****d himself by letting Ben take over the kitchen. I think that that was the reason he lost to Holli. She was a good chef, but I wouldn't have picked her to win over Jay. So, that is it for another season. It went very fast this year so hopefully next year, there will be some better chefs to love or hate!!That is it from Hell's Kitchen!


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