Monday, September 13, 2010

The Last Resort Movie Review 145

The Last Resort is directed by Brandon Nutt.

The story begins with a group of bachelorettes going to Mexico for a wild weekend. They go out drinking and dancing and they meet some guys. One of them heads off with a guy and she doesn't come home that night. The others go off with two dodgy tour guides and end up being robbed in the desert by them. One of the gals gets shot as the robbers take off and leave them stranded in the middle of nowhere. They call the girl who didn't go with them and tell her what happened. She calls the police, but they have no interest. She promises to find them and rescue them. Meanwhile, night is coming and they find an abandoned church and they take shelter in there.

The other girl and her lover search for them. They ask people around if they have seen them, and they happen upon the robbers who left their friends in the desert. They ask them to take them out to where their friends were and the robbers oblige, thinking that they will rob these too. Meanwhile, the other girls are finding out that the building is strange. There are strange sightings there and the girls begin to change. The place is haunted by some weirdo and they realise that people were killed there. Some evil force has taken over the place and they are not going to make it out alive..When their friend and her lover turn up to rescue them, they find something that will horrify them...

This movie was not very good. It was pretty poor and I would not watch it again. The plot was terrible and the acting was awful. There was not much to keep me watching, so it isn't a movie I would recommend.However, have a look at the picture above of America Olivo who stars in this movie and see if you would sit through it!!!This gets a 2/10.


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