Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hell's Kitchen Season 8, Episode 4 Recap

So last week, Raj was given the boot and rightly so.So, we are down to 12 chefs.

The guys are delighted this week because they are without Raj. I don't think that the rest of the guys are great either so we will see. Chef Ramsay asks the chefs not to smoke as it damages their pallet, but some of them are not very keen on quitting. They all have to make ravioli and as usual, it's the men vs. the women. Trev is pissed that the others never tasted his effort. The men win the challenge and they are all happy. Trev tells the chef that the others did not taste his dish and the others think that he is a kiss ass. The ladies have to make the pasta from scratch and the men go off to some nice resort. Trev lets the others know that he did not appreciate what they did to him earlier. The girls just bitch as usual with Sabrina lazing around(Watch video)...

That night in Hell's Kitchen, it is Italian Night and they have some celebrities in the house. The pressure is on and the men are determined to do well. In the red kitchen, Melissa is not keeping up. She is slow and her food is not cooked properly.The men are doing well until Louis hands up sub standard salmon. Melissa is having a meltdown and she is crumbling under the pressure. Sabrina isn't performing well either so there are no outstanding cooks in the kitchen. She can't cook her meat and she is relying on everyone else to help her.Rob is sent out of the kitchen to eat a terrible pizza which he handed to Chef Ramsay. Louis is messing up her meat and he is crashing and burning. Boris is kicked out of the kitchen. Louis gets kicked out too. Chef Ramsay finally throws them all out of the kitchen.

Chef Ramsay tells them to pick 2 from each teams to go home. So, the girls pick Melissa and Sabrina for obvious reasons. Louis and Boris are picked from the men's team. Louis ends up being sent home. He was able to talk himself up but he couldn't cook meat...


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