Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hell's Kitchen Season 8, Episode 5 Recap

So, last week, Louis was sent on his way and we are now down to 11 chefs.

This week, the chefs are chatting with each other and Boris seems to be in the firing line.  He is being given another chance by his so called buddies. The women are arguing again and who is the cause? Yes, you guessed it, bitchy Sabrina! HOW is she still in it? She does not have what it takes to win. I can see that now and I think that she is just kept in it because she stirs everyone up. Anyway, Hell's Kitchen is hosting a high school prom. It just happens to be for Beverly Hills High School, so bring on the pretentious young people!!! There are three high school students in the prom committee and they are all very irritating to the chefs. The men and women have to make stuff for their menu and the kids get to taste it and decide what they like. The women win the challenge and they get a reward of going to an amusement park. The men have to make Hell's Kitchen into a suitable prom venue. They are not happy about it. Russell is getting very pissed.

That night, Sabrina is dragging her heels during prep. The others are wondering what she is still doing in the competition.Emily is making crab cakes and she can't get it right. Melissa has cooked loads of fillet beef that is not on order and she has messed up royally. Chef Ramsay is so pissed at her. She has wasted 23 pieces of beef which is really unforgivable. Boris is not up to scratch either and Chef Ramsay calls him up again. The women are doing well. Boris gets his times mixed up on his fish and the others are depending on him. He lets them down.Emily is sinking and she is just not cut out for the kitchen, I think. Russell is trying to take over the blue team and he shouts at everyone. Meanwhile, Melissa is not able to cook her steak properly. Nona interrupts Chef Ramsay and he is not impressed with her.

The women are the losing team and Sabrina gets to pick two people for elimination. The others are horrified. She puts up Melissa and Emily for obvious reasons. Emily gets kicked off this week(Watch Video Above)..


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