Friday, November 26, 2010

Hell's Kitchen, Season 8 ,Episode 10 Recap

Last week, Rob went home and now there are only 7 left.

This week, Russell is pissed with Trevor because he was picked to go home. They are given a challenge to communicate with each other and Gillian makes a huge mistake by dropping her salmon. She costs the red team the win. The men end up winning and Gillian feels terrible because she knows that it was her fault.The men go shopping while the girls have to take in deliveries.Later, the chefs get to design their own menus for dinner service. They set about coming up with their dishes to put on the menu. Russell is being very domineering as usual and he wants his ideas to be the ones they use. Sabrina is moaning because the girls did not use her ideas and she bitches as usual.

That night, Vinnie and Trev stay up late, drinking and giving out about Russell. They don't see him coming down and he hears them. He is not impressed with them being up so late and drinking(watch video). The next morning, both of them are suffering from hangovers. Dinner service begins and it is blue menu versus red menu. Nona undercooks her risotto and Chef Ramsay is not impressed. Vinnie is not on top form and he is forgetting things.His service gets worse and worse as the night goes on. Gail is not doing so well, either. She is handing up raw lobster time and time again. Chef Ramsay gets very frustrated with her. The men's team is crumbling.
Vinnie is really beginning to lose it and he has just totally messed up. Gail matches his mistakes too. Both of them are really poor.Gail is kicked out of the kitchen.

That night, there is no winning team. They have to choose who goes home. They all try to screw Trev but it is Vinnie who gets sent home. I thought that he was good when he started out but he totally blew it....


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