Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hell's Kitchen Season 8, episode 7 and 8 Recap

This week I am going to do a short review of the two episodes as they are coming very quickly indeed. Last time, Melissa was given the boot.

So, Episode 7 saw the girls wanting Sabrina to go home and the guys wanting to be rid of Boris. So, the challenge  is that they have to spin the roulette wheel and they will get a letter. They have to think of an ingredient beginning with that letter. They both go and they cook their dishes. The girls team win the challenge and they get to go to Vegas and meet Penn and Teller!!!The men have to prepare potatoes for the family night that evening.

Service begins and Boris knows that he is on borrowed time. The families come to Hell's Kitchen and the chefs have to cater for loads of kids(groan).Vinnie makes a mistake by handing Chef Ramsay a huge risotto. Chef Ramsay's family are dining in the restaurant tonight and the chefs are told to make sure that their food gets out right and quickly. Vinnie gives Chef Ramsay a risotto which he had made earlier and he gets shouted at. Chef Ramsay is appalled. Trev and Sabrina clash again and she proves that she is a fool. Boris is getting on the wrong side of Chef Ramsay and he sweats into his food. Rob loses his way in service and he just loses it.That night, Chef Ramsay tells the chefs that most people were happy with the food, but he still has to send someone home. So, they have to pick two from each team to go home. The girls pick Nona and Sabrina and the men choose Boris and Rob. Nobody goes home because the service was so good!!!

Episode 8 and there are 9 left. So ,there is bickering between both teams. The challenge this week is for each team to come up with four different dishes. They both get $60 to shop and get their ingredients. Its men versus women and some judges are brought in to decide which dishes they would pay more for. The women win the challenge. They are treated to a day out on a boat. The men are in the crap again and they have to spend all day cleaning the place and then they have to fumigate the kitchens. They are all pissed off. Russell seems to be taking over the team and he is irritating as hell. They are all picking on Boris. It turns out that it is the 100th episode of Hell's Kitchen and there are some special guests coming. Past winners, Holli, Christina, Danny and Rock are back. They are at the chef's table and waiting for food(Watch Video)!

The pressure is on as the chefs are watched by the past winners. Boris is having a meltdown and messing everything up. Trev is slow and the others are trying to move him along. He is not doing very well. Chef Ramsay has to call the rest of the chefs over to help him and he is embarrassed. Russell stops communicating with the team and Rob is trying to get him to talk. Russell seems like a bit of an assh**e to be honest. Maybe he is a good cook, but he should be a bit nicer to other people. The women win that night and the men have to pick two people to go home. They pick Boris and Vinnie because he has a bad night. Chef Ramsay calls out Rob too. Boris gets the boot....


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