Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Walking Dead, Season 1, Episode 4

Last week, our survivors found that Merle had cut off his hand and escaped from the rooftop. This week's episode begins with Daryl getting angry and taking the hand with him. He insists that they look for Merle. Cut to the camp and one of the group, Jim is digging graves. Another survivor, Dale(Jeffrey DeMunn) is worried about him. He thinks that he is losing it.Meanwhile, Rick and the others are looking for Merle and the bag of guns which Rick left behind when he was attacked by zombies in the first episode.

 At the camp, Shane tries to talk to Jim who is acting crazy.Jim wants to be left alone. He argues with Shane and he feels guilty because his fmaily is dead and he is alive.Back to Rick and company- they are trying to get the guns when they run into some Mexicans who attack them and take Glenn hostage. Daryl manages to catch one of their gang and he asks him questions about where the gang are and where they are holding Glenn. The boss of the gang is called G and the gang member leads them to the hideout where they have Glenn. They try and trade Glenn for the gang member and there are guns pulled. The gang want the bag of guns but Rick is not going to give them up.

Rick and the others go into this warehouse where the gang  have their lair and there are loads of surviviors there too. They realise that there is an old people's home in the back and the gang are protecting all of the elderly people. They are not bad people after all. G is trying to keep his people safe.Rick gives them some of the guns and ammo. They release Glenn. They go outside and realise that their truck has gone and that Merle must have taken it. Back at the camp, Jim is tied up for his own safety,but Shane talks to him and calms him down. He unties him.The others are heading back to the camp. Before they get there, the camp is overrun by walkers. People are attacked from all angles and they have to fight to survive.Rick and the others get back just as everyone is screaming and shooting. Amy gets bitten and she dies....


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