Saturday, December 11, 2010

Jigsaws UFC 124 Predictions!!!

UFC 124 is almost upon us!! It will be St-Pierre vs Koscheck.If you have been watching The Ultimate Fighter show like I have then you will have seen the build up to this fight.Koscheck revels in the bad guy role and St- Pierre does not like to say anything bad so its clearly set up to be a good guy versus bad guy fight! When you realise that the fight is in St-Pierres hometown of Montreal,Quebec, Canada then its obvious Koscheck will do his best to annoy the crowd and they will love St-Pierre!

If you watched the Countdown to UFC124 show then you will have seen Koscheck having a tough upbringing so I don't think he is that bad a person.He likes to get under peoples skin and he seems to use this to motivate himself to do better.As he didn't know his father, he likes to be the underdog in everything and loves to show people that he can win against the odds.St-Pierre likes to train with different people and everything is put into making him a better fighter.He has a different trainer for each aspect such as a Muay Thai guy,a ground guy and so on.From the Ultimate Fighter show its clear that St-Pierre is a better trainer and teacher whereas Koscheck believes that is is up to the fighter himself to put in the hard work required.It struck me from watching the show that they both have different styles.Its easy to say that Koscheck had no interest in his guys but I don't think that's true.He thinks its up to each guy to train himself hard and he was not going to make them do it.Its like an older mindset of training whereas St-Pierre has everything scientifically thought out.Each component was broken down and worked on.Its set up to be an interesting fight!!!!!!!

Georges St-Pierre versus Josh Koscheck

All logic points to a St-Pierre win here.Its his hometown and he has all the tools required to win.The only thing that I think is suspect is his chin as Matt Serra showed that if you connect then the carefully laid plans fall apart.I think Koscheck will have to pressure St-Pierre and try to use the crowd to put even more pressure on him.Then St-Pierre will feel everything coming down on him and may or may crack.Koscheck will have to try and get a few Takedowns.He needs to get on top and put the punishment on St-Pierre.There is only 2 ways that I see Koscheck winning.He has to literally bully St-Pierre around the Octagon like he does in the verbal battles and go head hunting.If he does both of these then I could see him getting on top of St-Pierre and it getting stopped due to strikes or a knockout.

The only thing is that its a lot easier to see St-Pierre winning.I can see him knocking Koscheck out and/or getting him down an submitting him.He is more versatile than Koscheck and will adapt better to any surprises that happens in the Octagon.He tends to do well against wrestlers and I see this like the Matt Hughes fight (the rematch of course!) So in this fight I predict a Georges St-Pierre win by submission.

Joe Stevenson versus Mac Danzig

I like both these fighters and I would give Danzig the advantage in striking but Stevenson in submissions.I think Stevenson is better overall so I will give him the nod here.So I will go for Stevenson by knockout.Even though Danzig is better slightly in stand up, I see him getting knocked out.

Thiago Alves versus John Howard

 I am not that familiar with John Howard but I do know Alves.I like Alves a lot so just because I know him better I will go for Alves by Knockout!!

Matthew Riddle versus Sean Pierson

I think I have seen Riddle before but not Pierson so I am a bit uncertain on this one.I will go for Riddle by a decision.

Joe Doerksen versus Dan Miller

I know of both these guys and Doerksen has good submissions but I like the work rate of Miller a lot.So I will go for Miller by knockout.

Stefan Struve versus Sean McCorkle

I think I read McCorkle was talking trash on Twitter so this may be a Fight of the Night! Struve is very good but seems very slight in the weight department whereas McCorkle looks a lot heavier.I think that gives him an advantage so I will go for him by Knockout.

Jim Miller versus Charles Oliveira

I like the Miller brothers a lot but I think Oliveira is unbeaten so I will go for him by knockout.

There are 4 other fights listed on the Fight Card but I don't know the fighters at all.It would be a complete guess for me to pick one so I wont.I know I guessed in a lot of the fights above but in those I have at least either heard of the fighters or seen them before!! I am obviously no expert in UFC but it will be fun to see how many I get right.Its most likely that I get all wrong!! I am looking forward to the main event so hopefully UFC 124 will be good! Who do you think will win? Comment now before the fight to see if you are right!!!!


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