Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Walking Dead, Season 1, Episode 6

Last week, the survivors arrived at the CDC and were allowed in by a mysterious man.....

This week's episode begins with a flashback to when Shane was at the hospital as the outbreak began. He tries to get Rick out of the hospital, but it is overrun with Walkers. He left Rick, assuming that he was dead. There are military guys storming the hospital, shooting anything that moves so he has to get out. Cut back to the CDC and the survivors led by Rick. They enter the building and they meet the stranger who is Dr.Edwin Jenner(Noah Emmerich). He is a bit suspicious of them and their intentions at first. He agrees to let them stay if they consent to a blood test to  make sure that none of them have the virus. The place that he inhabits is called Zone 5 and he is the only survivor in the building. He gives them food and drink and they all relax for a while.

He tells them about what happened as the outbreak began. A lot of people committed suicide and some of the others tried to escape. Lori and Shane fall out once again and she scratches his face with her nails. The next, morning they wonder how he got them, but he explains it away. The doctor takes them to his lab and he shows them his research on a Walker. They see that the brain is infected and he shows them how the brain dies but regenerates without the human part. Jenner tells them that his fuel has run out and that the place will be in darkness soon.He wants to give up and kill himself. Zone 5 begins shutting itself down and the survivors are trapped with Jenner who tells them that it will better if they all stay and just blow up with the building.

Rick is not willing to give up and neither are some of the others. Andrea begins to give up too. She is upset after her sister's demise and she doesn't think that there is anything left. They discover that Jenner's wife was bitten and that she was the test subject that he showed them earlier. He cannot go on so he lets them out, but stays himself. Another of the survivors stays with him. Andrea wants to stay too but she is convinced to leave. Before Rick leaves, Dr. Jenner whispers something in his ear which we cannot hear! They escape by blowing out the windows withe a grenade that Rick swiped from the tank at the beginning of the series. They are out when the whole building explodes.....

The first season of The Walking Dead was brilliant. I really enjoyed it. It is a well made, interesting and exciting series. We haven't seen too many of these great shows and I am really looking forward to the second season. Bring it on!!!!


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