Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Stag Night Movie Review 185

Stag Night is a 2008 horror movie starring Kip Pardue,Breckin Meyer and Scott Adkins. It is directed by Peter A. Dowling.

The movie begins with a young woman in a subway station. She is scared and she is being chased by something. She tries to escape but it drags her back down into the darkness..Cut to a guy called Mike(Pardue) and his three pals who are on a stag night as Mike is getting married soon. They are on the subway and they meet two girls called Claire(Rachel Oliva) and Michele(Sarah Barrand) and they all get out of the train. It leaves without them and they are stuck in the subway station. They decide that they have to walk along the tunnel  or else they will be stranded all night. Suddenly, they see some weirdo kid running around the place. They see a cop being killed by some weird creatures in the subway and they know that they are in huge danger.

They try and make their way out of the tunnel, but the creatures see them and chase them. They hide but they are picked off one by one. It turns out that the creatures are called tunnel rats and they are in charge of their patch. They kill anyone who wanders into their territory. The rest of the movie is taken up with the group trying to escape, but they are not so lucky. They manage to kill a couple of the tunnel rats. They look like they are going to get away but the tunnel rats are clever and they know every inch of the tunnels..The movie ends with everyone dead and there are no survivors. The tunnel rats survive to live another day..

This movie was average. It was obvious what was going to happen and there weren't many surprises, but it is worth a watch if you like by- the- numbers horror. This gets  a 4/10.


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